Cue the conspiracy theories… Kodak Black has only been out of jail for a few weeks but, already, people are wondering whether the rapper was cloned because, following the release of new pictures and videos from his trip to the jeweler, fans of the Broward County native are noticing a stark shift in his appearance.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Lil Kodak is that he lost a lot of weight in prison. The rapper claimed to have been mistreated for the entirety of his latest stint in the clink, and that much seems to have been confirmed by his appearance stepping out. Many have noticed that Kodak has lost the extra pounds he had put on in recent years, possibly attributed to malnourishment behind bars. Another thing that people are pointing out is the massive tattoo front-and-center on Kodak’s forehead. While it’s currently unclear what he got tatted, that ink was not there when Yak stepped in for his sentence. Some are saying that it’s the Atlanta Hawks logo or a goat. We’ll wait for Kodak to confirm.

Obviously, you’ll also notice the superstar rapper’s much-longer hair, sporting a Sideshow Bob-esque hairstyle up top. The purpose of Kodak’s trip outside of the house was to visit his boy Johnny Dang for some new jewelry, which is shining bright in videos taken with the famed jeweler. Kodak sports a fistful of rings, a new grill, a VVS chain, and more.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’s nice to see the young rapper back home, hopefully marking a shift in his unfortunate troubles with the law. We’re all crossing our fingers that he can stay out of trouble this time.

What do you think of Kodak’s new look?