If there is one haircut that has reigned supreme over the past 12 months, it’s the bob. And it’s perhaps no surprise. Throughout history, the bob has remained a timeless haircut that has never gone out of style; it has only morphed and changed with the decades. Take the Italian bob. Its full-bodied, bouncy lengths […]

Is it just me, or is “old money” style so popular right now? Everyone is opting for classic, high-quality pieces that make their outfits look ultra-expensive. However, recently I’ve been seeing this particular aesthetic make its way into the beauty industry, with lots of timeless, chic hairstyles gracing my Instagram […]

A pixie haircut might be the change you’re looking for in 2024. “It’s wonderful to see the abundant variations of pixies on the streets coming to life. There’s an unlimited number of techniques that can be used to bring the pixie to life, so don’t be afraid to texturize the […]

Find the perfect one for you among the most beautiful women’s haircuts of 2024. Six ultra-glam proposals that will set the trend. Six hair looks full of character to experiment with, either to radically change your style or give an extra twist to your locks. The 2024 hair trends show […]

This year is all about having your best hair without compromising your hair’s health. Gone are the days of big-chopping and spending the next three years obsessing about length checks. The feeling of just wanting to get to the finish line really used to prevent a lot of us naturals […]

Short hairstyles have a reputation for being high maintenance. Extra-short cuts can have an awkward “in-between” phase as they grow — so you end up making more frequent trips to the salon to keep everything juuust so. This flirty lob with long, seamless layers is a great alternative if you’re looking for […]

If 2022 was all about going for the chop and experimenting with styles we’d never considered before, what will be the biggest hair trends in 2023? Well, first thing’s first, we’ll be taking that same playful approach to our hair into the new year, trying out new cuts, colors, styling […]