Is it just me, or is “old money” style so popular right now? Everyone is opting for classic, high-quality pieces that make their outfits look ultra-expensive. However, recently I’ve been seeing this particular aesthetic make its way into the beauty industry, with lots of timeless, chic hairstyles gracing my Instagram […]

And just like that, another year has flown by. Here we are, in the liminal last weeks of December, staring down 2023 with mixed emotions. Preeminent nostalgia? By the bucketful. Anxiety? A little suspicion? Yes, those too. But mostly, there’s excitement, hope, and the resolve to manifest the best versions […]

A Ralph Lauren polo shirt. A varsity jacket. Khakis and loafers. Are these clothes business casual? Date night attire? Is this a “preppy” look? As it happens, the answer is kind of all of the above, and it’s because they share a common fashion ancestor: Ivy. Based on mid-century apparel […]

From cottagecore to athleisure, it’s clear that giving up comfort isn’t a prerequisite for embracing the latest fashion trends. And while gorpcore isn’t completely new, its embrace of baggier silhouettes, color and practicality are all components we can always get behind. Plus, a plethora of puffers are reason enough to […]

Carhartt was founded in 1889 near Detroit, Michigan. Hamilton Carhartt. Carhartt The company’s founder, Hamilton Carhartt, had been running a furnishing business but wanted to create and sell his own products. After some early failures, Carhartt embarked on market research, and a conversation with a railroad engineer sparked an idea: […]

There are some simple rules of beauty that are practically a given at this point — we all know how important it is to cleanse regularly, moisturize and always apply SPF. But when you start adding more products, like anti-aging serums or exfoliants, it gets a little more complicated. You […]