The Body Shop is reportedly bringing in administrators for its UK operation, in a move that could shutter some of the retailers’ 200-plus UK stores. The move follows a lacklustre Christmas trading period. These drastic measures follow the acquisition of The Body Shop by private equity […]

Shave brand Billie has joined forces with “The Good Place” actress and activist Jameela Jamil for its latest campaign. Inaugurating the brand’s new 15-product collection of need-specific body washes, lotions and aluminum-free deodorants, the campaign offers an empowering spin on the beloved poem scene from the 1999 film, “10 Things […]

Visit our Dry (Skin) January homepage for more dry skin essentials. Skin care routines can feel just that: routine. After a long day, washing your face and slapping on moisturizer doesn’t always feel like self care. They don’t feel special. Face masks, on the other hand, are an every-once-in-a-while treat for your […]

Olay Exfoliating & Moisturizing Vitamin B3 Body Wash with Sugar and Cocoa Butter According to Pinterest’s 2024 predictions, body care is set to take over the skin care world this year. With all the consideration we give to our faces, why not prioritize everywhere else, too? Henry says the sugar […]

I avoid body wash that doesn’t feel medicinal and gravitate towards bottles with boring packaging, no added fragrance, and drugstore pricing, and that’s worked for me. Sticking to my two hero brands — Vanicream and CeraVe  — and swapping a loofah for a silicone scrubber has done wonders for my skin, decreasing the […]

Nothing beats the look and feel of healthy skin, right? The journey to achieving a luminous visage can feel like a long one, because nowadays, there is so much information at our fingertips. With the global skin-care market expected to reach sales of over $207 billion by 2028, you can […]