Yoga, veganism, tattoos, wearing secondhand clothes, Glastonbury: the roll-call of stuff that once signalled an “alternative lifestyle” and has now been comprehensively mainstreamed is endless, and gets longer every year. The very best thing on that list? The kaftan. I have so much love for kaftans. A tinsel-silver one with […]

Sitting next to the pool, enjoying a backyard barbecue, playing a game of beach volleyball: The summer has its perks. But while we look forward to the sunny days of summer, our skin isn’t as big of a fan. “Summer puts a lot of stress on our skin: from the […]

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Disclaimer: Wedding season hits kinda different in 2022. Now that women’s reproductive freedom has officially been criminalized in major zones of the United States, the idea of governmental involvement in any relationship choice is hardly appealing. Yet marriage license or not, the urge to love freely is something a SCOTUS […]

Summer haircuts are all about effortless, soft, breezy styles. It’s a time for layers, texture, waves, and minimal heat styling so you can enjoy more time in the sun and less time primping and pampering. Accordingly, “Botticelli” hair, “airspace” cuts, and “manta ray” layers are trending, the latter being the […]

We’re not the biggest fans of summer weather, but we do love ourselves some summer haircut trends. The change in seasons often encourages us to switch up our ‘do. If you’re anything like us, you’re itching at the bit to chop your tresses. Well, we’ve got just the thing for […]