One woman’s experience with at-home eyebrow tinting has left the internet in shock. After applying the tint gel, Muireann, who posts on TikTok under the handle @muir34nn, accidentally fell asleep for nearly two hours. The consequences? Nothing short of disastrous. Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that involves applying […]

Youthforia has a partnership with Ulta. Courtesy of Youthforia One of the rules of being a girl that your mother probably drilled into your head: never go to bed without removing your makeup. Fiona Chan, a technology executive who traveled frequently to Asia, heard the missive too, but many days […]

The phrase “white women aesthetic” recently emerged as a buzzword on the Xiaohongshu social media platform, accompanied by the slogan – “Question white women, understand white women, become white women” which is gaining currency online. The lifestyle switch is characterised by Lululemon yoga pants, Stanley thermos and “white people’s food” […]

From romantic makeup releases we’re adding to our Valentine’s Day wishlist to the best, new skin care products we wish we had sooner, winter is bringing plenty of excitement on the beauty front. With new launches from some of our editors’ favorite brands — such as Charlotte Tilbury, Grande Cosmetics, […]

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — It’s a crime trending across the country and now it’s happening in Southeast Wisconsin. In just one week, three Ulta Beauty stores have been targeted in shoplifting schemes at three different locations: Mount Pleasant, Brookfield, and most recently, Menomonee Falls. “It’s disheartening to know that crime like […]