Six beauty goals you can make in 2021 Eve Woman

(Photo: Shutterstock) New year resolutions don’t cut it for me because the pressure is too

(Photo: Shutterstock)

New year resolutions don’t cut it for me because the pressure is too much. But being a new year after the craziness in 2020, new 2021 goals don’t sound too bad.

If anything, we have all learnt how fragile life is and how fast things can change in a flash.

Those goals we have been toying with and putting aside don’t sound too bad right now. To be honest, it feels like a new lease for life and there is no better time to do those things you have been wanting to do than now.

And with that, here are some attainable skin care goals to help you look your glowiest now and beyond.

  1. Stay hydrated

No matter how much you hate the taste of water, think of the benefits and the taste won’t matter so much. But if you still find it unpalatable, infuse a slice of lemon, lime or fresh berries to add some flavor.

The reason this is so important is because your skin reacts to how hydrated or dehydrated your body is causing it to break out or flare up as a response.

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To drink the recommended amount of about eight glasses a day, have a bottle you always carry around and refill until you meet your proper intake.

Drink the recommended amount of about eight glasses a day (Photo: Shutterstock)

  1. Cleanse everyday

Our pores need to be cleansed at least once if not twice a day. A long day at the office, a sweaty run, or a hot day spent by the pool warrants proper cleaning.

No matter how much of a chore this may feel, getting rid of built-up dirt and makeup caked on your face throughout the day will leave you feeling refreshed as you hit the pillow at night.

Get a proper liquid cleanser or bar that deals with your skin type problems to yield more benefits and keep the bad boys away.

After cleansing and toning your face, follow up with a light moisturizer (Photo: Shutterstock)

  1. Moisturize

Not only are we moisturizing our face but bodies too on a daily basis. After cleansing and toning your face, follow up with a light moisturizer or night cream. This should only be done on a clean face to avoid build up which may cause breakouts and other skin reactions.

For your body, lotion or cream rich with natural oils will do.

  1. Make sunscreen your BFF

There is no denying the importance of vitamin D, however too much time spent under the sun can be harmful. Too much exposure can lead to premature aging and hyperpigmentation.

This should be a whole year-long priority come rain or sunshine.

If your job entails working outside no matter the time of day, you should consider a higher SPF and applying it regularly.

For extra protection, wear a hat during the hottest hours of the day to minimize the rays that hit your body.

Visit a professional to properly diagnose your skin problems (Photo: Shutterstock)

  1. Make a trip to the doctor

So, you have included drinking water, cleansing your skin, applying sunscreen religiously and still no improvement. Now what?

At this point, visiting a qualified dermatologist is the best idea.

The last thing you need to be doing is self-diagnosing, accepting referrals from friends or acquaintances and following YouTube channels that may suggest certain products that have worked for them. At the end of the day, you need to remember that not everyone has the same skin type and skin issues vary.

It is therefore advisable to visit a professional to properly diagnose your skin problems.

  1. Drink a cup of tea

Yes, you read that right. Healthy amount of tea will do so much for your body and your friends will beg you for your beauty secret.

They have so many benefits inside and out.

To maintain a glowing complexion for instance, chamomile tea will give you amazing results because of its potent antioxidant properties. Other teas that will help combat acne, slow aging, keep acne at bay and neutralize free radicals, consider adding jasmine, dandelion, jasmine, oolong and matcha tea to your diet.