A New Spin on Personal Shopping: Galleria Launches Enneagram Window Experience

Is it just me…or is everyone talking about Enneagrams

New to this? Here are the cliff notes: The Enneagram is a personality test and theory (think of it like the classic Myers-Briggs) in which there are nine “types” that represent the way we all think, feel and act in relation to the world, others and ourselves. Our Enneagrams are classified by a specific number on a 1-9 scale (what up my fellow 7s and 3s!?), with a respective descriptor—or persona—tied to each. For instance, “type 1s” are also known as “the reformers,” or people who are thought to be rational, idealistic, perfectionistic and well-organized, where “type 9s” or “the peacemakers” are classified as easygoing, receptive, reassuring, and agreeable. 

Tapping the growing Enneagram obsession, Edina shopping center Galleria teamed up with local creative agency LAB Mpls to design “Enneagram Essentials,” an interactive window experience that encourages shoppers to discover and learn about their own Enneagram and explore a selection of products and gift ideas curated with each type in mind. Located across from Good Earth in the former Gabbert’s windows, the installation includes nine styled windows with information about each Enneagram (Don’t know yours? Just scan the QR code and fill out the questionnaire onsite, or engage in a longer version at home), plus a rotating selection of products pulled from over 20 participating Galleria retailers. 

Enneagram essentials is by no means the luxury shopping center’s first go at experiential. But according to Galleria Marketing Director Rachel Oelke, the pandemic has only pushed them to get more creative with this purpose and embrace contactless, shopping experiences that marry both the physical and virtual worlds. “Retail has always been about creativity—but the last year has definitely brought the need to think outside the box to the extreme,” says Oelke.

In December, Galleria transformed the same set of windows into a “Holiday Reimagined” virtual store, a contactless QR code pop-up experience for shoppers to access gift ideas, deals and DIY inspiration from over 40 local brands, shops, and makers.

“We’re interested in ideas that are about more than just driving traffic,” says Oelke. “We want to connect with shoppers through interactive and innovative experiences that they’re able to be a part of.”

The Enneagram experience is free and open to the public, and will be on display through March. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for regular product updates and additions to each vignette. 3510 Galleria, Edina, galleriaedina.com 

Madeline Nachbar

Madeline Nachbar

As Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Trend & Style editor, Madeline Nachbar draws on her passion for travel, fashion and the arts to keep a close pulse on what the next big trends are, and excels at creating visually-compelling content that inspires.

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February 9, 2021

12:00 AM

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