These 9 Hair Trends Will Dominate 2024, According to Experts

These 9 Hair Trends Will Dominate 2024, According to Experts

The second month of the year has arrived, and I’m already thinking about which hair trends we’ll look back on at the end of 2024 and note were BIG. It’ll come as no surprise that last year paved the way for short haircut trends, with many of us (read: pretty much the entire Who What Wear UK team) flocking to the salon to chop our lengths into every iteration of a bob haircut going, from blunt bobs to the Italian bob and inverted bobs. And there’s no doubt about it—a quick scroll of Instagram confirms that short hairstyles are here to stay well into this year. From a colour perspective, salons were inundated with requests for red hair, from cowboy copper to cherry cola red, as one of the year’s biggest hair colour trends of the year. 

So, what hair trends lay in store for 2024? From trending haircuts to the hair colours we’ll see everywhere I asked Jason Crozier, art director at Neville Hair & Beauty, for all the insights on the hair trends we’ll be wearing in 2024.

1. Barqoue Bob


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Just when we thought we’d seen all the possible types of bob haircuts, another iteration has entered the chat. The “baroque bob” is set to be a big hair trend in 2024, according to Crozier, which lends itself well to those with natural curls or longer bob haircuts that have grown out. “Baroque-inspired curls bring an air of opulence, with Versace’s runway as a prominent example,” he says. “In 2024, the trend will evolve with a contemporary twist. Celebrities like Zendaya continue to embrace voluminous curls, but now with a hint of avant-garde geometric shapes, offering a combination of timeless beauty and modern artistry.”

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