Woman’s Nostril Wax Goes From Bad to Worse As Beauty Treatment Backfires

Woman’s Nostril Wax Goes From Bad to Worse As Beauty Treatment Backfires

A woman has shared a hilarious clip showing how her nostril wax went wrong—and then got even worse.

Brittany Skye Shackleton, who lives in Sydney, Australia, posted the DIY beauty video to TikTok on Tuesday.

The clip, which she captioned “Surely this is the funniest thing you’ve seen all day,” has already been watched more than 79 million times.

It shows Shackleton lying on her back, with a long cotton swab covered in wax in her right nostril.

Shackleton later explained that her friend, a beautician, was helping her to wax her nostrils at home for “a laugh.”

As the unnamed friend attempts to pull out the swab, the stick comes away in her hand—leaving the sticky substance in Shackleton’s nose.

“Oh no,” the friend says off-camera, as Shackleton looks visibly shocked.

The two women then burst into laughter as the beautician tries to reassure her friend, saying “it’s OK,” as she attempts to rip off the wax using her long fingernails.

But instead of removing the wax, her false nail comes off and becomes stuck up Shackleton’s nose.

“Oh, my nail fell off,” the friend states, as Shackleton giggles uncontrollably with the nail still up her nose. The nail is quickly retrieved by the beautician.

The clip proved so popular that Shackleton has uploaded two more to explain how the waxing fail happened.

In footage shared on Wednesday, she said: “Welcome to part two of my nose waxing nail fail video, or whatever you want to call it. I just want to say, the wax easily came out my nose [and] did not hurt at all. Her nail came off easy because it was just a stick on.”

She also said the waxer was one of her “really good friends” and a “professional beautician.”

Shackleton added: “I was just lucky to get something like that on camera. We were just having a good laugh. I’m just happy I made people happy and laugh and everything. But thanks everyone.

“I don’t actually have the video of her pulling it out at the end, but I have videos of before it happened. She successfully pulled out my nostril hair. And I also have my boyfriend’s reaction to my nostril hair, so enjoy.”

In that clip, Shackleton’s boyfriend says “Yuck” when she presents him with the hair-covered swabs.

TikTok users have left thousands of comments on the clip, including Thomas Saad, who joked: “She absolutely nailed it.”

Yooo wrote: “Everything that possibly could go wrong, went wrong.”

Celina commented: “Lmfao it just kept getting worse.”

Rachel Geib pointed out: “Took everything but the hair.”

Soobin’s Wife posted: “it was going so terribly and then it became worse.”

Newsweek reached out to Shackleton for further comment.

Stock image of a woman getting waxed
Stock image of a woman getting waxed. A nostril wax video has gone viral after the treatment backfired terribly.
yacobchuk/Getty Images

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