Woman discovers she has the wrong bridal dress 14 years after wedding

In a bizarre incident, a woman in Minnesota discovered that she had the wrong wedding dress 14 years after her wedding.

When Wendie Taylor and her 12-year-old daughter were watching a wedding episode of American drama series Gilmore Girls, Taylor started sharing special moments of her own wedding, which soon led to the two ladies unwrapping the old box where Taylor’s wedding dress was preserved.

“After the episode, McKayla and I were talking and I said, ‘You’ve never actually seen my dress.’ And she said, ‘No, I haven’t, I’ve just seen pictures,’” Taylor told CBS.

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However, when the duo opened the box to retrieve the gown,  it happened to be another dress altogether. “We open the box and … she saw the look of horror for lack of [laughs], because it wasn’t my dress,” Taylor told the news website. “It’s a beautiful dress. It’s not my dress,” she added.

In an attempt to get her wedding dress back as well as return the one she has, Taylor took to Facebook and shared her ordeal. “Help me recover my wedding dress and return the one I have to its owner!!! My dress was cleaned/preserved by Evans Garment Restoration in Minnesota, this would have been late 2006 or in 2007.”

“Evans does Restoration after fire or water damage. So most likely whoever has my dress had the work done through their insurance company as part of a claim and Evans was probably a sub contractor and not the one you are aware of working with.”

Along with the post, Taylor included a picture of the dress and urged people to help her find the misplaced dress.

“This was quite the shock when I opened the box to show my daughter and found the wrong dress. Thank you in advance for your help!!!!! Updated photo includes a picture of the box that dress was kept in,” she wrote while concluding her post.

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