Winter outfit ideas for men

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of men’s outfits for

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of men’s outfits for winter? Most men I know mainly wear the jeans and sweater combo during the colder months of the year and even if this outfit is versatile and warm, it often lacks the “it” element that would make the man stand out of the crowd. If you want to help your boyfriend, husband, or father dress better or if you’re a man who looks for more creative outfits to wear this winter, we’re here to help you out with a few easy to style looks.

Classy casual

If you want to keep it simple and basic but still would like to be remembered, it is important to correctly choose the chromatic scheme of your outfit. Start with a pair of light washed denim jeans and a white turtleneck sweater. There is really no easier combo to put together but the colors and accessories truly make all the difference. On warmer days, wear this look with your favorite white sneakers, a beanie hat, and a jacket, but you can also make this outfit look more winter-y if you throw on your combat leather boots and a long overcoat. What makes this classy casual look so wonderful is that it is completely basic and can serve as a perfect foundation for other outfits you might decide to put together.

Traditional comfort

If a turtleneck sweater seems too plain and boring for you and you’d like to wear a more elegant, but just as comfortable outfit, simply switch the top for a more sophisticated cable knit Irish sweater as these . You can combine it with almost any pair of shoes you own, from leather Oxford shoes to the camel suede boots. Keep the denim jeans if you’re looking for an everyday look or wear a pair of black or brown trousers for an outfit that looks more professional. The Irish sweater will give your attire a traditional charm and will look far more intriguing than any other garment. You can wear it both with a puffer jacket and a leather coat and don’t forget about accessories like the belt, the wristwatch, and your favorite piece of jewelry.


If you’ve woken up today and decided to lean towards a more lofty outfit, we have the perfect pairing for you. Grab a black or camel colored turtleneck sweater, and wear it with a chunky wool cardigan on top.  As per the bottoms, wool, tweed, and woolen blends are the perfect choice for the cold winter weather. Such an outfit will make you immediately be perceived as preppy and classy, especially if you combine it with an overcoat, a trench coat, or even a fancier looking jacket. Some timeless Chelsea boots will beautifully suit the ensemble and you’ll have a wonderful outfit to wear when going to work or an official event. You can easily transform this semi-formal look into a completely preppy one by wearing a white button-up instead of the sweater and pairing it with a silk tie.