‘Why did you bother [traveling] here’

A wedding guest felt like the bride was very unwelcoming to her at the ceremony.

She vented about the issue on Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum. She found it strange when the bride invited her to the wedding and bachelorette party. She knew the bride from a friend group she hadn’t seen in a year after moving abroad.

But the bride invited the entire friend group — despite not being in touch with any of the members — so she assumed that was why. Both events required travel and lodging expenses.

At the bachelorette party, she thought she overheard the bride tell a guest, “we don’t know each other that well.”

“At the wedding itself, I got the vibe like she thought it was weird that me and my partner were there,” the Reddit poster wrote. “The whole vibe was ‘why did you bother to travel here.’”

She thought it was in her head, but her boyfriend felt the same way too. Both left the wedding feeling “a bit weird” and like they wasted their money.

“I don’t understand what’s to be gained by treating your guests that way,” she wrote.

People shared their thoughts on the bride’s unusual behavior.

“She was just looking for an easy gift,” a user wrote.

“So odd. I assume she invited you as a formality, but expected you to decline,” another said.

“How weird to invite you if she didn’t actually expect you to come,” a Redditor added.

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