What To Know Before You Get A Short, Tapered Haircut

A tapered haircut usually means the hair “tapers” at the nape of the neck and

A tapered haircut usually means the hair “tapers” at the nape of the neck and the sides of your head, usually in a shaved manner, per Honey Bramble. Keep in mind, however, that this style is certainly different from a fade, which is more sudden and dramatic. A tapered haircut tends to keep hair longer toward the top as it gradually shortens downward.

Often, tapered haircuts create a gradient effect because of the shaving method used to create the look. It is that same gradient that creates a smooth effect on the haircut that makes it look like a sharp polished cut.

Even better, a tapered haircut can work for all hair types. “This haircut is definitely suitable for all hair types and textures,” celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons tells Bustle. “Just consult with your stylist to gauge how short you want to go based on your curl type and the best way to style for your face shape.”

This style of haircut offers versatility to work around your hair type, hair length, face shape, and overall desired style. Additionally, Fitzsimons tells Bustle that a tapered haircut, as with any shorter hairstyle, is usually low-maintenance. Consider your lifestyle, such as your desired commitment to your hair, and your hair’s density when you are thinking about getting a tapered haircut.