What Harling Ross Put on Her Wedding Registry 2021 | The Strategist

14 items in this article 1 item on sale! Photo-Illustration: retailers Like many couples, writer–slash–creative

Photo-Illustration: retailers

Like many couples, writer–slash–creative consultant Harling Ross and her fiancé got engaged before the pandemic and then had to postpone their wedding because of it. “When I first built out my registry last year, I didn’t include a lot of cooking stuff, because I honestly didn’t even know what I needed,” Ross explains, adding that their registry has changed a lot since they began working on it. As with most second times around, she says that being able to revisit and revise their registry “was an unexpected outcome from having to postpone — but ultimately kind of helpful.”

After months of cooking at home, for instance, Ross “now knows all of the gadgets we need” in the kitchen. And when it came to other home goods, only pieces the couple wants to keep “for years and years, if not decades or the rest of our lives,” made the cut, according to her. “We tried to come at it with a sense of permanence,” she explains. This approach resulted in a registry with things that “not only seem useful and have longevity but also feel unique and personal,” including a cloud-shaped cheese board, a sculptural humidifier, and an electric kettle that looks like a design-y children’s toy.