What BAZAAR Editors Are Shopping This Week

Welcome to Add to Cart, a weekly shopping series featuring all the accessories, ready-to-wear, and

Welcome to Add to Cart, a weekly shopping series featuring all the accessories, ready-to-wear, and beauty items our BAZAAR editors are coveting this week.

“Z” Trainers



These have been at the top of my must-have sneaker list for a cool six months. —Nikki Ogunnaike 

Small La Palme Puzzle Bag



If you’re missing travel and dining out (who isn’t?), Loewe’s new Ken Price capsule offers a taste of both. Creative director Jonathan Anderson took inspiration from a series of 20 hand-painted ceramic plates the late-American artist Ken Price created for Newport Beach, California, restaurant La Palme in the early ’80s. The colorful palm tree motifs have been transposed onto a selection of Loewe’s signature bags, including the Puzzle and Hammock, as well as ready-to-wear. —Alison Cohn

Tom Ford 002 Ocean Plastic Watch

Tom Ford


My New Year’s resolution is to recycle as much as is humanly possible. So I’m thrilled that the Tom Ford 002 watch is now constructed from 100 percent upcycled ocean plastic. An average of 35 bottles were used to create each watch, including the case, velvety hand-braided strap, and recyclable packaging. —Alison Cohn

Pink Cheetahs Blanket

Olivia Wendel


This exclusive blanket is a must-have winter essential to keep you cozy while brightening up your home at the same time! —Jessica Rawls

Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser



I’m normally very anti-foaming cleanser. I find they’re too harsh for sensitive skin, and they’re generally just too … foamy. (My Manhattan bathroom is too small for all that froth.) However, this soap-free, cream-to-foam cleanser produces the perfect amount of lather, removes makeup(!), and softens my skin all at once. I love it. —Jessica Matlin

Grader Clog

Rachel Comey


I can’t stop eyeing these Rachel Comey clogs! A great shoe staple to wear year-round—just add a sock! —Jessica Rawls

Dr. Barbara Sturm Drops Discovery Set

Dr. Barbara Sturm


I just purchased this discovery set from Dr. Barbara Sturm. I love it because I can test a variety of products at a low price point and see which I’d like to invest in long term. —Jessica Rawls

0{409126f2c1f09c9e510a010c163a4bce2c3ccfc4019bdf864d6cb2d5d8752f38} Aluminum Cucumber & Green Tea Refillable Deodorant Stainless Steel Case + 1 Refill – 1.13oz

Dove Beauty


This isn’t just the best aluminum-free or refillable deodorant I’ve ever used, it’s the best deodorant period. The palm-sized refillable and eco-friendly packaging is beyond genius and so chic, like the iPhone of underarm sticks. The formula is ultra silky and so moisturizing, and the clean and fresh scent lingers all day. —Jenna Rosenstein 

Geometric Cube Shape Candle Gift Pack



Most of my disposable income has gone toward buying joy-sparking items for my apartment as of late, and I recently found this local Brooklyn candle maker on Etsy who lets you choose from an array of scents and sculptural shapes. I ordered a three-pack of her bubble cube candles in stress-relieving lavender. They smell like heaven! —Ariana Marsh

Light Shifter™ Dewing Tint



I don’t know about you, but January/February me is the least cute version of me. The winter cold and overall grayness make my skin look and feel very dull, even though I’m consistent with a skin care routine. Sometimes the simplest, quickest solution is the best. This illuminating tinted moisturizer gives me back the elusive glow and evens my skin tone subtly without looking like I slapped a full base on. Plus, it has squalene and hyaluronic acid for some extra moisturizing power. —Sam Neibart

Chill Tips



At first, I thought press-on nails weren’t for me, but I really couldn’t resist the new Chillhouse designs that are simply not DIY-able. To my surprise, the nails are extremely easy to apply, and then you have a perfect, chip-free manicure for about a week. But really, they just make looking at your hands on your keyboard all day much more fun. —Sam Neibart

Chanel Eternal Instant

Thames & Hudson


Quilted bags, camellias, layers of pearls, and bouclé jackets have long been part of Chanel’s vernacular. Twenty years ago, the J12—the brand’s iconic timepiece and the first black ceramic round watch in history—was added into the mix. And to celebrate its anniversary, the maison has released Chanel Eternal Instant, a tome by Nick Foulkes that tracks the evolution of the J12 through creative still-life images and pics of celeb brand ambassadors wearing the watch. Consider reading the book as time well spent. —Barry Samaha

Clair by Rebag

Thinking of selling your handbag, but are unsure if it’s worth it? Well, Rebag has introduced Clair AI to help with that. An add-on to the pricing tool that the buying and selling site launched in 2019, the new recognition technology is able identify and price your Speedy, 2.55, or Constance instantly. Just take a snap of your carryall and upload it, and Clair AI will do the rest. —Barry Samaha

Visit Clair

Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami



Hublot has hopped on the Takashi Murakami train. Throughout the decades, the celebrated Japanese artist has collaborated with a number of fashion labels, from Louis Vuitton to Pangaia. Now, he has brought his signature manga-style smiling flower to the storied watchmaker’s Classic Fusion timepiece. Cast in black with a face covered in diamonds, the watch gives a whole new meaning to happy hour. —Barry Samaha

Angela Sweater

Nili Lotan


I have found the perfect half-zip polo sweater to get me through the rest of the winter, but I also definitely plan on wearing this right into spring and through the summer with a pair of high-waisted tailored shorts. Thank you, Nili Lotan! —Jade Frampton

La Bouche Rouge Pop Art Red Lipstick Set

La Bouche Rouge


I never thought a lipstick could be this beautiful and luxe. From the elegant packaging to the unique shade of red, I am loving this lip. —Jade Frampton

x Mandler Mia Mules



Boasting soft, voluminous calfskin pleats and an 18-karat-gold knife-edge anklet, the Wandler x Mandler Mia Mules—a collaboration between Amsterdam accessories designer Elza Wandler and L.A. jeweler Lizzie Mandler—double as objet d’art. Which is useful if, like me, you can’t really see yourself wearing heels for the foreseeable future. —Alison Cohn

Suede Baker Boy Hat

Ruslan Baginskiy


While it’s definitely hat season, I love the idea of skipping another beanie in favor of a rich suede baker boy hat to channel my inner newsie in the chicest way possible. —Kerry Pieri

Black Knit Romper

Labeca London


I’ve been very into sweat suits, but this polo collar cashmere romper can really up my cozy work-from-home game. —Kerry Pieri

Goal Digger

Anny Nord


I’m all about the comfort shoe right now, and this boot provides a lot of style while being able to take on a snowbank if the opportunity arises. —Kerry Pieri

Knit Logo Jumper



I have a deep and abiding love for Prada, and I will happily wear that love on my sleeve, or on my chest as it were. —Kerry Pieri

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil 04 Candy



When it comes to makeup, I’m low maintenance, so I gravitate toward no-effort tints. This Clarins lip oil is amazing, because it hydrates, plumps, and leaves a delicate touch of color that brightens my entire complexion. I can be camera ready in under 20 seconds thanks to this product. —Minna Shim 

Pure Silk Plum Pillowcase



A silk pillowcase is a little piece of luxury that has a big payoff. There’s less tugging on your hair, so you don’t have to worry about breakage and your skincare doesn’t rub off on it. It also makes for a thoughtful gift for your friends.  —Minna Shim 

Orange Bag Charm



A little bit of luxury goes a long way in a pandemic. —Nikki Ogunnaike

Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel Pads

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare


I’ve been focusing on caring for my skin much more since the pandemic started, and this at-home daily peel treatment has helped dramatically improve my acne scars. Made specially for sensitive skin, it hasn’t caused any redness or irritation. —Ariana Marsh

Zodiac Makeup Sponge



Go look in your makeup bag. You’re probably overdue for a new beautyblender. (They last a long time when you take care of them, but not that long.) It’s an unparalleled tool for seamless, natural looking foundation and concealer application. Now, it’s even better because you can get the cute pink sponge personalized with your zodiac sign. You don’t need it, but you need it. —Sam Neibart

Swirl Dinnerware

CB2 x Jennifer Fisher


Cooking for one is way more fun with cute dishes. The black-and-white clay swirls in the Jennifer Fisher x CB2 dinnerware collection are the perfect blank slate for kitchen adventures, and I love that the designer even posts new recipes to try on her website. —Alison Cohn

Cali Flat Mule in Cream Faux Fur



Larroudé, the new shoe brand founded by fashion vet Marina Larroudé, is partnering with Womanizer for Valentine’s Day and including a Liberty by Lily Allen–designed Womanizer travel vibrator with every purchase. Add these cozy slides to cart, because self-love is the best love. —Kerry Pieri

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