WATCH | Greek hairstylist completes haircut in 47 seconds, creates world record

Imagine a haircut that lasts just 47 seconds, and the finished product is just as

Imagine a haircut that lasts just 47 seconds, and the finished product is just as you wanted – Sounds unbelievable, right? However, that is the exact feat that Konstantinos Koutoupis, a hairdresser from Athens, Greece, has achieved to add his name to the Guinness Book of World Records. 

In a video posted on the official Twitter handle of the Guinness Book of World Records, Koutoupis can be seen giving a perfect haircut to a customer in record time. He used a trimmer while attempting the record and he was done with his work in just 47.17 seconds – a world record that remains. 

A parameter was set for the length of the hair that needed to be cut to make the record valid and the officials were satisfied with the attempt. The video was part of a compilation which had hair-related records and the post had the caption 0 “Need a quick trim? How about a 45-second trim?”. 

While the speed was clearly visible from the video, a lot of people were left confused by the technique and style chosen by the hairstylist. He used a trimmer during the attempt and as a result, the hairstyle was somewhat similar to what it was before with the length of hair being the only major difference. 

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The second part of the Twitter video featured Keito Kawahara from Japan who held the record for longest hair on a teenager. However, it was the video of her finally cutting her hair just before attending university and it was all donated to a non-government organisation that made wigs for sick children.