[VIDEO] On the Wedding Anniversary of General Hospital’s Robert/Holly Scorpio

It was but a marriage of convenience — at first. Were you to pick up

It was but a marriage of convenience — at first.

Were you to pick up the nearest dictionary and look up the word “nervous,” the picture accompanying the definition would surely look a lot like Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton did at their first wedding on General Hospital on February 7, 1983.

It wasn’t that they weren’t fond of each other; sure, they were. But Robert was only marrying Holly because her significant other — his best friend, Luke Spencer — had been presumed dead in an avalanche. (As if.) The Englishwoman needed both a green card and a babydaddy, stat. And though she appreciated what Robert was doing for her, the words “man and wife” gave them both pause.

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“Robert, it’s not too late to back out,” she assured him… just as the mayor returned to his office with what he called the quickest marriage license he’d ever procured. In short order, witnesses had been recruited, and the bride, duly impressed. “Remind me to vote for this guy next time,” she cracked.

After “I dos” were exchanged, Robert had to be prodded to kiss his new wife… on the cheek. It couldn’t have been any awkwarder… or sweeter. “With Valentine’s Day just a week off,” remarked one of their witnesses, “I can’t think of a better time to get married!” (You can watch it all unfold below.)

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Eventually, Holly miscarried Luke’s child, and perhaps even more upsetting, Luke himself turned up alive and well, pissed. But by then, his honey’s heart had been well and truly stolen. She wound up standing by Robert and keeping the ABC soap buzzed about for years to come.

Now, of course, the stage has been carefully set for the Scorpios’ reunion. Supposedly, Holly is dead. But viewers know that she’s no more deceased than Luke’s ever been; she’s merely being held hostage by… well, that we don’t know yet. You can, however, review our photo gallery of suspects below on your way to the comments. There, answer us this question: Should Robert and Holly retie the knot? Or should Olivia dump two-timing Ned to be with the spy who, if he doesn’t yet, is sure to love her?