Trending Hairstyles to Have On Your Radar

Trending Hairstyles to Have On Your Radar

As the transition into fall begins and the air begins to cool, we can’t help but notice particular hairstyles and cuts are on the rise. Throughout summer, all too often we start the day with a certain hairstyle and then end up throwing it in a hair tie because it’s just too hot to deal with. Fall is the perfect time to play around with different hairstyles because it’s the sweet spot in between summer humidity and winter snow, here in Canada anyway.

Hair can be so expressive, of someone’s individual identity. Which is why it’s so fun to try out different hair trends and see what works for your style and particular hair type – and who knows, maybe you’ll find your new go-to! Some trends we’ve been spotting lately have been strong enough to carry over from past seasons, and some are fresh and new.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair, or “beach waves” as some call it, is a hairstyle we saw all throughout summer and it’s here to stay! Having a nice wave throughout your hair gives it a perfect amount of volume and texture without looking too formal. You can achieve the popular wavy-hair trend with the help of Drybar’s ‘The Beach Bender’ hot tool (which is currently on sale at Chatters!). It’s super easy to use, and provides the exact look that we’re referencing! 

Sleek Buns & Ponytails

This model-off-duty hairstyle continues to stay on trend! We love a sleek bun or ponytail for how easy it is to accomplish, yet it always ends up looking so tailored and put-together. Bad hair day? Sleek it back into a ponytail. Hair needs a wash but you’re in a rush? Sleek bun. Your best friend when achieving the sleek pulled-up hairstyle is having second or third-day hair, a hair gel to smooth it all out and a boar-bristle brush to help avoid bumps while you pull your hair back. 


Blowouts have been having a major moment over the past couple of years! The more volume the better. Luckily you don’t need to go to a blow-dry bar to achieve a gorgeous blowout, thanks to Revlon’s viral One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer! It makes giving yourself a blowout so much easier than with the old-school hair dryer and round brush. A voluminous blowout in the fall is *chefs kiss*. 

Layers Layers Layers

In terms of trending haircuts, it’s all about layers right now! There are tons of different layered haircuts and they all seem to be trending. Short or long, having an abundance of layers with some face-framing bangs or pieces to style is all the rage. Some of the boldest haircuts within the layered hair trend are known as wolf cuts, shags, and of course the boldest of all, the mullet. 

The Side Part

Side parts are coming back to play! Not so long ago side parts were considered somewhat dated and middle parts took over. But now the side part seems to be coming back strong! Especially in an editorial way. We can’t help but notice the controversial side-part making more and more appearances on the runway and in magazines. That being said, part your hair however you like, regardless of what’s trending, and don’t let anyone tell you the way you part your hair is out of style!


The level of chic that a bob creates is unmatched. If you’re sick of your hair and want something new and fresh… Why not give it a chop? Sleek bobs, as well as textured bobs, are super trendy right now. Even Emma Chamberlain is currently sporting one, and we all know anything she does or wears becomes instantly trendy. The best part about this chic haircut is it’s a great excuse to refresh your hair and make it healthy again! There’s no better time than now to chop off those dead ends. 


Although most hair colours don’t really go out of style, there always seems to be a hair colour that dominates the scene in terms of trendiness. In the past it has been brunette to blonde ombré and currently, it’s copper. Copper hair looks good on virtually anyone and any skin tone. As fall approaches it gives off the perfect autumnal vibes, we’re obsessed!

Stylized Barrettes & Clips

We can’t get enough of this hair trend! It makes styling the hair so fun and playful. Simply add some cute barrettes or bobby pins to any hairstyle and you’re set! It can even elevate a simple ponytail in a literal snap. 


The queen of headbands, Blair Waldorf, would definitely approve of this trend. Whether it be fabric or structured, headbands in all styles are making their way back just in time for fall! Who doesn’t love a full head-to-toe preppy look every once in a while? Embrace the prep-school, old-money vibes by simply putting on a cute headband. 

Au Natural

Last but not least, is simply your hair in its natural glory. No matter what your natural hair texture is, it has become way more accepting – some may even say trendy to wear it just as is. There’s something beautiful about accepting our natural hair and not trying to manipulate it to look a certain way. Of course, you can always assist your natural hair with some product like a leave-in conditioner or even some mousse to help maintain frizz and let your natural texture shine!

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