The Best Of Digital Fashion

The Best Of Digital Fashion

Under the new normal, Valentine’s Day may be the most adversely impacted holiday of the year. No special events like theater shows, live concerts, charity galas. Restaurant reservations turned into curbside pick-up. Accepting surprise gifts delivered by strangers is out of the question. This has left lovers scrambling for memorable alternatives and economists worrying over their forecasts. Valentine’s Day spending in the United States had doubled over the last decade to a record $27 billion in 2020. National Retail Federation reported that apparel had accounted for 20{409126f2c1f09c9e510a010c163a4bce2c3ccfc4019bdf864d6cb2d5d8752f38} of gift purchases. This year, all the trendwatching eyes are on digital fashion as a potential game-changing, holiday-saving new category. Over the summer, Congolese brand Hanifa “broke the internet” with the first all-digital runway show gone viral. Mass audience was mesmerized by the garments and the presentation, spiking an interest in digital couture. With leading global fashion weeks designating “digital-only” as a new exhibition category and the proliferation of fashion apps catering to the tech-savvy consumers, this year V in “Valentine’s Day” stands for Virtual. Here is a look at some of the most cutting-edge designers and retailers in the bold sphere of digital couture. Getting one-of-a-kind gift (even at the last minute) has just gotten more accessible, and exciting. 

DRESSX @dressxcom

One of the pioneers of digital-only retail, this platform has emerged as the go-to hub for all things virtual fashion: from mainstream brands to bespoke solutions. Hey, NASA is on board. Are you?

Drest @drest

This luxury fashion game is attracting tech- and couture- loving players with its mix of innovative styling and e-shopping options all the while educating its audience about the history of fashion.

Iris van Wees @irisvanwees

This digital fashion creator has been nominated for the 2020 Dutch Design Awards in the Young Designer category, breaking new virtual ground with her cool augmented reality vision. 

Replicant Fashion 

Russia’s leading digital-only fashion outlet thrives on exclusive collabs and has just made history by dressing Russia’s most popular talk show host Ivan Urgant in digital looks for a GQ cover!

ISDKV Footwear @isdkv

Designer Ilyas Darakchiev is lighting up the fashionsphere with his whimsical virtual shoes. These are amazing to look at as well as wear running between all your Zoom meetings and group chats.

Virtual Rags @virtualrags

This 3D modeling studio has an impressive catalogue of over 200 digital brands as well as offers to digitize your favorite garments and accessories. This way you can enjoy your it-dress forever! 

Janartpro @janartpro

Kazakh designer Janar Abrayeva creates virtual clothes as well as digital prints and patterns for international brands and exclusive private clientele. How about your own bespoke avatar?

XR Couture @xr.couture

 “You are not living a Black Mirror episode but already a part of a new fashion cult!” claims this multi-brand band of collaborators pushing the envelope down the red e-carpet of the future.

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