The Best Natural Hair Haircut Trends 2023

This year is all about having your best hair without compromising your hair’s health. Gone

This year is all about having your best hair without compromising your hair’s health. Gone are the days of big-chopping and spending the next three years obsessing about length checks. The feeling of just wanting to get to the finish line really used to prevent a lot of us naturals from enjoying the journey of growing out our hair. Length became this sacred thing to guard and protect. With the information available to us now, as well as the help of trained and talented hairstylists, there are endless ways for us to play with the look of our hair and keep it healthy. We are here to show you all the haircut trends you can and should try out. Because with hair as versatile as ours, it would be a crime not to have some fun with it. Scroll below for the top natural hair haircut trends of 2023!

Big Chop Energy

This big chop is brought to you by the very talented Mona Baltazar. The hairstylist gave her client a tapered cut and then styled it. While a buzz cut will forever be a flex, we’re seeing a lot of styled TWAs in 2023’s future.

TWC (Teeny Weeny Coils)

This TWA is all about the comb coils. The look is a great way to switch up your hairdo for a curlier, shorter ‘do.

Platinum Cut

Who says you can’t wear your natural hair straight, dyed, or both? This style was done on natural hair that was straightened and colored on the same day.

Short and Tapered

This big chop moment is faded on the sides and back with styled edges and some more length on the top of the head. It gives the style more versatility.

Tapered Cut Queen

You don’t have to big chop to switch your look up. Hair magician @KaressTheStylist did her thing yet again with this tapered cut on medium-length natural hair. This cut is everything and is a great natural hair haircut option for those of us who want a change without cutting everything off.

Twisted Mohawk

This style was achieved by creating two-strand twists on natural hair with shaved sides. The cut takes this protective style and gives it a styled look effortlessly.

Loc Bob

This is a style that doesn’t necessarily require scissors. While some loc’d naturals are cutting their locs into a bob, others are simply styling their locs to look shorter by two-stranding them, knotting the ends, and then securing them with hair ties. We love the versatility of this natural hair haircut trend.

Soft Curly Cut

When it comes to cutting tightly curled, natural hair worn in wash-n-gos, haircuts that are sharp and angular have been the trend for a while. We’re seeing more hairstylists opt for curly/kinky cuts that are a bit softer and custom to the client’s face.

Custom Curls

The amazing Carlisa created a curly cut that was perfect for her client with long natural hair. We love the time she took working on this client’s wash-n-go.

Bobbed and Banged

Let’s be honest, a bob cut with bangs is just iconic. We love how easy this style is to achieve with natural hair—all you need is a talented hairstylist and the right products to maintain the style.

Layered Silky Tresses

We love how some layers can take a blowout or silk press from basic to proper hotness. This cut is a great option for naturals who aren’t interested in losing length but still want to switch up their style or add some volume.

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