The Best Men’s Jewelry to Buy Right Now: 49 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings to Supercharge Your Outfits

By now you’re hip to the power of the signet ring. Hell, you might even be down with the dangly earring. But why stop there? The best men’s jewelry encompasses whole word of chunky, funky, and fantastically freaky pieces on the market today, and it’d be a grave disservice not to avail yourself of it all. Eye-popping bracelets that’d happen to look perfect dangling elegantly around your wrist? You bet. Iced-out necklaces that’ll imbue your aura with the unmistakable swagger of a man whose last single scored a billion streams on Spotify? Yours for the copping. 

After journeying to sniff out all the upstart jewelry designers worth knowing right now, we ended up with a Scrooge McDuck-vault’s worth of drool-worthy pieces from them—and, inevitably, some of our longtime favorites brands too. The men’s jewelry renaissance is well and truly here, and the pieces we’re feeling right now are bolder, brasher, and more unabashedly in your face than any of their earlier counterparts. (Pro tip: If it looks like something you would’ve made at summer camp it’s probably perfect.) To help you adorn yourself accordingly, we rounded up 49 pieces of the best men’s jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more, all available at this very moment. To paraphrase one legendarily neurotic gem obsessive: In 2021, this is how you win.

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