The Best Body Jewelry to Try This Summer

Summer 2021 is all about body jewelry. Don’t believe me? I have the proof. Considering

Summer 2021 is all about body jewelry. Don’t believe me? I have the proof. Considering the ferocious resurgence of all things Y2K, the return of belly chains and body jewelry and, heck, even belly rings doesn’t really come as that much of a shock, but it’s refreshing nonetheless. Now that summer will be here any second now, showing some skin is most certainly on the horizon, but this season, your skin should be coated in shimmering body jewelry of all kinds. When I think of body jewelry, jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche instantly comes to mind. Known for her bohemian designs and—you guessed it—body jewelry, I was curious to get her take on the matter.

Aiche told me this: “Body jewelry has been a staple in my collection since 2009. I believe our tribe has so much love for body jewelry because of the way it makes you feel. The delicate diamond details are refined and feminine, designed to enhance the natural glow that every woman radiates. When you layer up in these pieces—whether it’s a finger bracelet, body chain, or bra—it instantly becomes like your second skin that you never want to take off.” Most frequently styled with bikinis and midriff-baring pieces, body jewelry really does make for a more radiant beachy look, but we’ve also seen the jewelry trend styled with ready-to-wear pieces as well, including low-rise jeans, trousers, and more. 

So whether you’re looking to invest in a stunning Jacquie Aiche piece or are on the hunt for a cheap thrill, this shopping assortment has got you covered. Ahead, shop all of the body jewelry we’re loving now and peep some fun styling ideas along the way.