I avoid body wash that doesn’t feel medicinal and gravitate towards bottles with boring packaging, no added fragrance, and drugstore pricing, and that’s worked for me. Sticking to my two hero brands — Vanicream and CeraVe  — and swapping a loofah for a silicone scrubber has done wonders for my skin, decreasing the […]

This past Saturday, I did something I’d never ever done before—I put my nighttime skin-care products on without first washing my face. I had cleansed and applied products in the morning and then spent the day in my living room, watching movies and knitting—no sweating and no exposure to pollutants. By […]

When it comes to my morning and evening bathroom routines, I’m a man of habit. It took years of getting pestered by my dental hygienist—and a couple of cavities—before I ditched my cheap analog toothbrush for an electric one. I’ve been using the same deodorant since I was 14 (Old […]