Olay Exfoliating & Moisturizing Vitamin B3 Body Wash with Sugar and Cocoa Butter According to Pinterest’s 2024 predictions, body care is set to take over the skin care world this year. With all the consideration we give to our faces, why not prioritize everywhere else, too? Henry says the sugar […]

A Sephora shop inside a Kohl’s store, and an Ulta Beauty shop inside a Target store. Source: Kohl’s; Target Beauty is always a big holiday category, but this year it’s poised to be even bigger. Shoppers aren’t just looking for perfumes or candles to give to family and friends. They […]

CNN —   We’re no strangers to the Target run for one item that turns into a shopping cart full of random stuff. From clothing and electronics to snacks and home decor (and everything else in between), Target is home to a whole lot — which can make it tough […]

Three gunmen ambushed and shot a man who was shopping for jewelry at the Jamaica Colosseum Mall, cops said. But the two-bit tough guys left with only his wallet in the brazen broad daylight targeted robbery. Security footage of the incident begins as a 37-year-old man was walking to his […]