Oily skin is one of the most common skin concerns. It presents some unique challenges, like a shiny complexion and acne breakouts. The good news? With the right skin care routine and products, these issues can be less of a problem. To help take the guesswork out of how to […]

There’s “growing demand from a diverse range of retailers” for Manhattan storefronts, the Real Estate Board of New York crows in its spring 2022 survey of retail activity. The claim might be true, but growing demand doesn’t immediately or necessarily translate into a big reduction in the number of vacant […]

“Is not the most erotic portion of the body where the garment gapes?” posited French theorist Roland Barthes. One can only imagine how Roland would react to the acres of flesh on show this past September, as dictated by the dominant spring/summer 2022 fashion trend. To put it in terms that Cardi […]

The History of Online Shopping For many, it can be hard to remember the days when online shopping wasn’t an option. Yet, despite its prevalence now, online shopping is a relatively new phenomenon. This graphic, presented by Logiq, outlines the brief history of online shopping and how it has evolved […]

MILAN — Nature continues to be a boundless source of inspiration for Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele. The Florence-based house is presenting its second high jewelry collection, which Michele named Hortus Deliciarum, or “Garden of Delights,” from Latin to English. More from WWD The presentation will be staged at the […]