Is it just me, or is “old money” style so popular right now? Everyone is opting for classic, high-quality pieces that make their outfits look ultra-expensive. However, recently I’ve been seeing this particular aesthetic make its way into the beauty industry, with lots of timeless, chic hairstyles gracing my Instagram […]

The French bob is one of the most timeless and enduring hairstyles that will always feel modern and fresh. From high-fashion models to low-maintenance dressers, the French bob has been donned by all manner of people throughout the years – and has recently fallen back into favor. There are a […]

As a dermatology physician’s assistant, Blair Armstrong has always loved skin care. “I was the girl who had a 10-step face care routine,” she says. But when it came to body care, she didn’t do much—and noticed that her patients didn’t, either. When asked what body products she recommended, she […]

It may still be summer dress weather outside, but the shelves are already stocked with autumn essentials — which means you’re probably already shopping for cropped sweaters, moody nail polishes… and, perhaps, a new haircut. Maybe a summer spent under the harsh sun did damage to your strands, or maybe you’re […]

If you’ve been seeing bob haircuts all over your FYP or Insta feeds lately, you’re not alone. It seems like everyone is talking about or getting a bob — and for good reason. “Bobs are a classic hairstyle that brings attention to your face,” celebrity hairstylist and founder of Naturally […]

Welcome to Noticed, The Goods’ design trend column. You know that thing you’ve been seeing all over the place? Allow us to explain it. What is it: Custom bead accessories, the famed relics of summer camp, have been resurrected to remind us that multicolored, far-out necklaces and bracelets can still […]