And thus, beauty continues to have a high price.

A woman in a now-viral TikTok video put Gorilla Glue in her hair after running out of styling spray. Now, after reportedly washing her hair 15 times, her mane remains stuck in place.

“Those of you that know me know that my hair has been like this for about a month now,”” the woman says at the start of the video. “It’s not by choice. No—it’s not by choice.”

The woman then proceeds to explain how she typically uses a favorite styling product of hers to “finish things off” when it comes to getting her hair ready. When she found herself out of said product, however, she decided to use Gorilla Glue spray to keep things in place instead.

“Bad, bad, bad idea,” she claims.

“My hair don’t move,” she continues. “You hear what I’m telling you? It. Don’t. Move.”

The woman—who is only known by her TikTok handle, “Im_d_ollady”—created a follow-up video demonstrating just how little her hair moves. She is seen shampooing her hair to no avail, revealing a hairstyle that, truly, barely moves.

“This is the life I guess I’m going to have to live with, ” she bemoans.

Luckily, Gorilla Glue themselves heard her cries for help. “Use some rubbing alcohol, water in a spray bottle, a hair dryer and a comb,” the brand advised in a Twitter comment. “But since you’ve had it like that for a month, your hair could be damaged.”

Whether the woman has successfully attempted the above is unknown.