Soulja Boy is a pioneer on all fronts. But his trend of proving that he’s the first rapper to do various things backfired when he tried to prove he introduced Atlanta’s iconic jewelry and diamond store Icebox to the world.

This week, Soulja Boy tweeted that he was the original rapper to go to Icebox for his jewelry. 

Seeing as Soulja Boy is one of music’s first viral acts, there’s always video proof to support his claims, and this case was no different. 

Soulja Boy might’ve helped put the store on the map but this doesn’t mean he’s a welcomed guest. A representative for Icebox told TMZ the two parties have an unresolved lawsuit the rapper has been evading. 

Icebox sued Soulja in 2013 for an unpaid tab of $60,000. With interest and other fees, this amount has jumped to around $200,000. The store also disputed Soulja’s claims of being the first rapper to shop there. Although it admits that Soulja was the first big artist, the store claims to have serviced several other entertainers before Soulja Boy. 

Of course, Soulja couldn’t let this slide without trying to clear his good name. He told TMZ directly that he’s very secure financially and made $700K last week alone. He also claimed to have spoken to the jewelry store and they hashed out the issue.