‘Some things just don’t happen’

A man is refusing to attend his sister’s wedding because of her no-child policy.  He

A man is refusing to attend his sister’s wedding because of her no-child policy

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” after the two got into a fight. His sister doesn’t want any children at her wedding but he has three. It is nearly impossible for him to find a babysitter. He told her he just wasn’t going to go to the wedding; now she’s upset. 

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“My sister is having her wedding at the tail end of October,” he said. “She has decided, understandably, that she doesn’t want any children to be at the wedding, which is perfectly fine. This, however, means that I won’t be attending. I have three young children [under seven]. As you can imagine, it’s hard to find a babysitter for them on a normal day. Even if I only went to the reception, it’d be hard to find someone to watch them for such a long time. Plus, I don’t want to leave the kids.”

He made the decision not to attend the wedding after weighing his options.

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“I would have to buy a tux and drive over three hours to get to the venue, and it just isn’t worth it,” he wrote. “As you can imagine considering that I’m posting here, my sister is angry because of it. She thinks I’m being selfish and just using the kids as an excuse not to go, we did get into a big fight about it and we’re both angry about it now.” 

Reddit users understood why the father was opting out of the ceremony. 

“There’s a pandemic on and you have three young kids. Some things just don’t happen,” a user said

“It’s not just inconvenient though. Child care is expensive,” another commented

“If the bride cared so much about her brother being there, she would not be putting obstacles in his way,” one person wrote.

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