Body Care In Winters: Say Goodbye To Dryness And Flaky Skin With These Tips

These tips are a must try this winter; Image Credit: iStock

Winter 2021 is almost here and as we snuggle into the blanket with a cosy sweater and a hot cuppa coffee, we also need to switch our focus to our body and skin. Come winter and dryness and flaky skin becomes a constant and it is not just the face or hair but our body needs extra attention too. Notch up your body care routine to a moisturising and nourishing one. Dry and chapped skin is a common issue faced by many of us during this season and we might love the winter chills but the season can also take a toll on our skin, hence it is best to get your body care routine set right in time. And to help you get started on with it, here are the best tips to build a body care routine in winters.

Build Up Your Body Care Routine Right In Winters With These Tips

Include these tips in your body care routine to get soft and supple skin in winters

1. Including Body Oils In Your Routine

Body oils are a beauty essential especially when there is a dip in the temperature. It helps in keeping your skin warm and also will provide a certain moisture content to it. Make sure to massage your body with body oils at least twice or thrice a week. Choose ingredients and formulations that suit your skin type and concern.

2. Switch To Moisturising Body Wash

Dry weather calls for drier skin and applying body butter or lotion is not enough at all. You need more than that. Winter season means some extra care for the body too and the best way to start with is by switching your regular body wash to a cream based and moisturising one. It will not only help in maintaining the natural body balance but will also keep your skin in check and keep dryness away.

3. Start Using Body Butters

Dryness, chapped skin and flakiness is the cue for the winter season taking a toll on our skin. To get your skin on track all you need to do is just give a few minutes of your daily routine to moisturize your skin right. Body butters are the right way to do so as they have a creamy texture and come with a variety of ingredients that you can choose from. It’s time to boost and nourish your skin with rich and creamy body butters this winter.

4. Exfoliation Is Important Too

We often assume that when the skin is dry, exfoliation should be skipped but let us correct you here that exfoliation is a need for the skin and no matter what season it is, it is super essential to exfoliate your body. Go for moisturising formulations and seasonal ingredients that also suit your skin type. Exfoliating your body once a week will help in keeping your skin supple and soft.

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