Renaissance Woman Anna Alimani Sparks A Healthier Dialogue In Women’s Beauty

The cardinal rule when it comes to success in any calling is being greater than your environment.That couldn’t be more true or more relevant than during the pandemic when to win and achieve is grossly out of sync with the mainstream plight.  Rather than being a product of our environment, there are however, those few of us who carve within ourselves an internal world immune to the ebbs and flows of the external. The manifestation of excellence from within is something that extends itself 360 degrees- across the most minute details as well as our overarching trajectories in life.

Further by not acquiescing to the general way things are when times are tough, those who live up to their own internal high standards often put a great gap between their paths and the paths of everyone controlled by their external environment. A shining example of such a self made woman living outside the clutches of today’s turbulent times is Renaissance woman Anna Alimani.

A model, real estate broker, and emerging entrepreneur, Anna’s charismatic joy in the world she’s created for herself is manifestly apparent in any circumstance and temperature changer in any room she walks into. She’s curated a refreshingly elegant mode of life even during demoralizing times that extends across the smallest details- from the alliteration in her professional name- Anna Alimani- to even how she characterizes the “french fry friends” she’s no longer sampling, to the provocative & direct way she pursues opportunity, pleasure, and the preciousness she applies to everything she holds dear.

So while at face value, it is very surprising- almost startling in fact- to see such a well composed young woman juxtaposed against the background of chaos in New York City, when you look at the reasons for and why it couldn’t be any less surprising. As Anna evolves from success in the gig economy to launching her own ventures in beauty – including an upcoming plastic surgery practice- she believes it is imperative to invoke and instill philosophies that insulate ourselves and what we he hold dear from conditions well outside our control. So while most of the modeling and the aesthetic world is at the mercy of factors and external reference points well beyond their control, it is refreshing and quite powerful to meet a young and emerging thought leader in the space who is reversing the order.

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