ReFa Carat Face Roller Review: The Face Roller That Promotes Firm, Radiant Skin

ReFa Carat Face Roller Review: The Face Roller That Promotes Firm, Radiant Skin

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Might we say that this has been the year of the skin-care device? From LED tools to sculpting gadgets, we’ve noticed quite a buzz around items that promise some sort of skin rejuvenation without a trip to the salon. On the list is a Japanese face roller that boosts lymphatic drainage and rejuvenates skin from ReFa—but is it worth the hype? We thought the much-talked-about tool warranted a ReFa Carat face roller review.

“I definitely think that it helps with puffiness and inflammation,” says model Yumi Nu on the roller that rounds out her everyday skin-care routine. In her beauty secrets episode, we see her sweep the platinum-coated device across her chin and cheeks before moving onto glam— Ashley Graham and Lily Aldridge also rely on it. It’s clear the device is supermodel-approved, but it’s also endorsed by makeup artist Sam Visser, who pulled out the ReFa tool to awaken Bella Hadid’s complexion after a week of long flights and photoshoots. The makeup star previously explained his technique to boost circulation and counteract puffiness by gently kneading the supermodel’s face using its rounded prongs. What’s more, Vogue editors globally have been privy to ReFa’s sculpting prowess for years: Vogue Hong Kong dubbed the brand as one of the best Japanese skin-care brands in 2019 whereas we watched Gucci Westman perform a makeup-prepping facial massage with Vogue Scandinavia in 2021. 

What is the ReFa Carat Ray Face?

That said, shall we get into what makes the ReFa Carat Ray so special? The most notable aspect of the roller lies in its multi-angular design, where two double drainage roller prongs create a “gripping motion that mimics an esthetician’s finger motion to refresh your skin and contour it,” notes the director of ReFa USA, Rie Iimura. Powered by a solar panel placed in the handle, the Japanese-crafted tool converts light energy into microcurrent to stimulate facial muscles—boosting collagen production and skin elasticity. 

Refa Carat Ray Face Benefits

“Face rollers can temporarily boost circulation, tighten the skin, and reduce puffiness,” explains New York City-based board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele Green. “The movement of the face rollers on the skin can dilate blood vessels to promote circulation, and the increased blood supply allows better transport of nutrients to the skin to improve dullness.” She continues that these also aid the lymphatic system by massaging away the fluid and waste buildup in the lymph nodes, concentrated under the jaw and cheekbones—which leads to facial puffiness. “The mild microcurrent generated using energy from the solar panel in the handle can stimulate the skin and facial muscles, boost circulation, and enhance firmness and facial rejuvenation,” Green instructs, which makes it perfect to enhance your regimen, maintain results of in-office treatments, and quickly rejuvenate your complexion. 

According to Iimura, results are immediate. “Skin appears more taut five minutes or so after use,” she says. “Our reviewers note daily use helps keep up the appearance of more contoured skin.”

How to Use the ReFa Carat Ray Face

To use the device, ReFa recommends rolling in both directions along the lines of your face and décolletage and upwards on areas where the skin is soft. Just avoid covering the solar panel with your hand as the tool needs a light source (sunlight or electric light) to generate the microcurrents. Because of how it derives power, there’s no charging necessary! 

Unlike many other face rollers or microcurrent devices on the market, this requires no special serums or products ahead of the treatment. It can be used on its own and even atop makeup. However, you do want to avoid using the ReFa Carat Ray over heavy oils and creams. All in all, practice gentle massaging—especially for those with mature or sensitive skin. If you have any concerns or questions, always contact your dermatologist or a trusted expert. 

Complete the Regimen

“This tool can be beneficial for someone who experiences puffiness, dullness, and signs of aging and wants a safe tool to use consistently at home without pain or downtime,” per Green. So let’s say you’re looking to supplement your routine with the ReFa device. All great regimens begin with a thorough cleanse or even a face mask; the below selects from Tata Harper and Peter Thomas Roth are known to clarify the skin. Next, to quench parched skin ahead of your face rolling session, do a quick spritz of Chanel’s face mist. Perform your facial massage, then round out your sequence with your chosen serums, eye creams, and moisturizer. Et voila, an at-home facial to reveal a youthful, radiant, and supple complexion.

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