Red Balayage Is Our Favorite Take on Red Hair

The passionate, fiery, and alluring redhead is always trending. There are so many ways to don this ruby hue, but red balayage might be our favorite. The explosion of red balayage hair ties in with the change in season. As summer shifts to fall, and fall into winter, many lean on red and copper tones to warm up their look. And because balayage has cemented itself as a timeless style staple, red balayage hairstyles are also on the up and up. From deep red to red blonde, there are a million ways to play with this hair color trend.

Red Balayage, Explained

If you need a refresher, balayage is the art of hand-painting hair. When performing a balayage, a stylist or color specialist will expertly paint and lace intricate strands and swathes of lightener (or hair color) throughout your mane. Typically, a toner is applied post-lightening to create the desired hue.

Red balayage hair color is created using the same techniques, focusing on warmer hues while using a combination of permanent colors, toners, and lighteners. The end result? A multi-dimensional, fiery mane fit for any shade in the red rainbow.

How to Get the Look

In Salon

If you’ve decided that the red balayage hair color trend is for you, get ready to take your locks to the salon. We always recommend preparing for your appointment by researching which red hair color is best for your skin tone, as well as gathering a variety of inspiration. It’s important to keep options in mind. Sometimes, what you want may not be attainable in one session, or out of your price range. Always come with expectations, but make those expectations known so you and your stylist can get on the same page about the red hair color process.

At Home

Because red balayage requires an expert touch, we definitely suggest a salon trip. However, if you have a pre-existing balayage you’d like to add some red to or you’re willing to try hand painting your own mane, feel free to make an attempt at home.

Those with a pre-existing balayage can try adding a semi-permanent red to a few, or all, of their strands. The joy of semi-permanent color is that if you don’t like it, it will shampoo out eventually. Arctic Fox Hair Color offers a beautiful range of semi-permanent red and orange hair colors at a very affordable price. For those who need to add a bit of lightness to their lengths, remember to mix your hair bleach with a low-level developer, and don’t leave it on for too long. Bleaching your own hair can be a damaging process, but the bonus here is that your hair only needs to lift to a light orange for red hues to become noticeable.

Things to Consider Before Trying Red Balayage

The number one thing to consider beyond cost is maintenance. Red balayage hairstyles are gorgeous, but they do require a certain level of upkeep. It’s important to space out how often you wash and reach for dry shampoo when you can. Switch to a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and always pre-book your touch-up appointments.

If you want the technical reason behind why “red is one of the hardest hair colors to keep,” it’s due to the size of the color molecule. Pardon our science, but forcing such a large color molecule beneath the cuticle of your hair and into its cortex isn’t easy. In fact, much of that glow you get from your red balayage is actually sitting closer to the surface of the hair, which is why the first few applications may fade faster than later ones. Don’t let this deter your flame! Red balayage is worth the try, and if you’re anything like us, you won’t turn back.

Red Balayage Hairstyles

These red balayage hairstyles are the perfect inspo to take to the salon!

Sleek and Deep Red Balayage

This deep, dark red balayage is perfect for those who have dark hair naturally but want to add a pop of color to their ends. The balayage technique is perfect for this color as it will allow for more time between touch-up appointments because it grows out seamlessly from the root.

The Balayage Stripe

Move over money pieces! The balayage stripe is the new way to add red hair color to your mane. This style of balayage looks particularly gorgeous on curly hair.

Blood Red Wine

Like a rich glass of wine, this take on balayage is smooth, stunning, and vibrant.

Copper-Red and Blonde

Natural red tones make for a great red balayage hairstyle. This combination of true red, copper and blonde hues swirl together to create a warm, spicy cinnamon perfect for the winter months.

Blood Orange Balayage

Contrast is key. This red balayage hairstyle relies on deep, warm browns and bright copper reds to create eye-catching contrast.

Red Curlayage

Curly hair and red hues are a match made in heaven. A multi-dimensional red curlayage will show off the beautiful twists and bends of each and every coil on your head.

Bright Red Face Framing

Red balayage also makes for a great money piece. This technique will bring light and attention to your face, arguably, your best feature.

Err on the Side of Copper

Copper brown is another “natural” hue to use alongside the red balayage trend. Tinsel-like strands of copper add a sparkling dimension that allow the darker red tones to stand out.

Red Velvet Cupcake

From deep ruby to copper pink to golden blonde. The perfect red velvet shade is created with red balayage, frosting included.

Barely Brown Red

A little bit of brown and a little bit of red come together to create a barely-there red balayage look that shifts with the sun. This color-shifting effect is a desired result of the balayage technique and is elevated when warmer red hues are used.

Keep your red mane fiery and fresh! HERE’S how to maintain red hair, according to the pros.

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