Pokemon Unleashes New Wedding Decor and Jewelry

Pokemon is having quite a good time right now, and it is all thanks to

Pokemon is having quite a good time right now, and it is all thanks to the franchise’s anniversary. The series turned 25 years old just a few days ago, and the team behind Pokemon celebrated with some major announcements. The anniversary showed just how big Pokemon is around the world with fans of all ages. And for any of you looking to say your vows soon, Pokemon has put out some official jewelry and decor for you.

Over on Twitter, the user Paulrobertryan shared a now-viral post breaking down some of these marital goods. It turns out The Pokemon Company is dipping into the wedding business once more with some art. As you can see below, a piece of bridal artwork was released by The Pokemon Company, and it shows a lovely wedding with two Pikachu.

To the left, one Pikachu can be seen wearing a tiny white top hat with a bowtie to match. As for the other Pikachu, they are wearing a lovely white veil with flowers in front of their ears. The soft pastel painting is adorned with floral accents to make things even more romantic, and fans have already made same-sex edits to satisfy any LGBTQ couples looking for wedding decor.

Of course, some wedding jewelry was also released because Pokemon has no chill. A gold necklace is set to go on sale in Japan featuring these Pikachu as a pendant. They will be conjoined in the middle with a diamond heart, so this would make a lovely gift for your soon-to-be-spouse on your wedding day. The Pokemon Company is also releasing wedding bands with this bridal shot added on in gold. So if you want to make your big day a bit nerdy, this new collection will help you out!

What do you make of this new Pokemon merchandise? Would you like any of it at your wedding? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.