Pittsburgh pop star Daya returns strong with ‘Bad Girl’

Pittsburgh’s Grammy-winning pop singer Daya heats things up with “Bad Girl,” her new single set

Pittsburgh’s Grammy-winning pop singer Daya heats things up with “Bad Girl,” her new single set for impact Feb. 16 on Top-40 radio.

Co-produced by Charlie Puth, the song’s instantly catchy chorus —”Bad girl, need a bad girl, because the bad boys just don’t cut it” — sets the theme of Daya addressing her sexuality and identity as a bisexual woman. In a press release, the 22-year-old singer says the song also confronts the common implications of the term “bad girl.”

“To me, the lyric of ‘Bad Girl’ can be used in an almost ironic way to play out the ‘problem child’ or archetypal rebel, flipping the script so that a ‘bad girl’ can be anyone who is confident and asserts themselves boldly in the world and doesn’t necessarily have to adhere to the stereotypical bad girl ‘look,’” Daya said.

Daya believes a so-called “bad girl” can feel comfy in anything from leather jackets and boots, to dresses and pearls, as seen in he new song’s music video, which brings a vintage Hollywood nightclub feel. The Western mountain footage, where she starts and ends in the video, makes it seem like it could all be a dream. 

“I’ve grappled with my femininity for a long time,” Daya said. “I didn’t like being called ‘pretty’ when I was younger and didn’t like subscribing to conventional beauty standards. But as I’ve grown into my sexuality and throughout my relationship, I’ve felt more at home in my femininity, physically and emotionally, mainly because my femininity is no longer ‘required’ or defined by being with a man.”

22-year-old Pittsburgh pop star Daya returns with a Top-40 bound single, "Bad Girl".

After taking time off for self-assessment and personal growth, it’s good to see the Mount Lebanon High grad confidently reassert herself into the pop universe, since skyrocketing to fame with her 2016 Gold-certified debut album “Sit Still, Look Pretty,” and her Grammy-garnering eight-times platinum collaboration “Don’t Let Me Down” with The Chainsmokers.

Get ready to hear a lot about Daya in 2021.

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