New shopping locations bringing more to the community

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Two stores in Amarillo are moving and upgrading to provide a

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Two stores in Amarillo are moving and upgrading to provide a luxury shopping experience and more than a grocery store.

Women’s Dillards

The new women’s Dillards in the Westgate mall recently opened its doors

The store has 158,400 square feet of space and over 50 new brands from shoes, to skincare, to luxury clothing.

“You’re gonna see all these new brands you’re gonna see technology that’s super cool in the modern aspect of our new stores,” says Craig Seiter, store manager, Dillard’s Amarillo. “It needed to happen because we need bigger things in Amarillo, we need the big city experience.”

The expansion is noticeable when you walk into the store, but there is also more space behind the scenes, the previous building would hold 39,000 shoes, and the new one holds 80,000 pairs of ladies’ shoes

“It was time for Amarillo to have this wonderful shopping experience,” says Melissa Adair, communications director, Dillard’s. “You don’t feel like you’re in Amarillo you feel like you’re in New York or the Metroplex and we’re just so excited for Dillards to offer that to our customers here in Amarillo.”

The store has an open concept that sets it apart from its previous location. Dillard’s representatives say you can stand at one end of the store and see through the store.

Dillards is celebrating 40 years in Amarillo. A representative says customer loyalty is what provided the multimillion-dollar facility and the response from local shoppers has been positive.

“We’re excited to see this Amarillo needs this like just really excited to see it and we’ve been planning this for a whole year and seeing it now we never thought this would happen in Amarillo,” says Matthew Martinez, official sales manager, Dillard’s Amarillo.

Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers is moving to a brand new larger store at 7441 Hillside Rd.

The new location will offer shoppers a larger selection of organic and natural foods with a noticeably bigger produce section.

The building will also feature a modern checkout.

According to a Natural Grocers representative, the store will feature an education center for nutritional coaching and classes and guest speaker events, and free for the community to book

The new site is set to open summer of 2023.