Meghan Markle is paying tribute to the power of women. During Global Citizen’s VAX Live: The Concert to Reunite the World broadcast on Saturday, the Duchess of Sussex made a virtual appearance to show support for the cause and inspire communities to come together amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Her remarks clearly included a nod to her and Prince Harry’s soon-to-be-born daughter, but look a little closer, and you’ll notice Meghan’s outfit also shows support for the women who made an impact on her life.

Meghan opted for a bright and beautiful Carolina Herrera floral print dress for Vax Live event, similar to maternity dresses she wore during her first pregnancy with Archie. She tied the look together with several pieces of gold jewelry, like a Jennifer Meyer tennis bracelet and a Woman Power Charm Necklace from Awe Inspired jewelry. The necklace combines the Venus symbol with a protesting fist, and 20 percent of each purchase goes to help women in need.

This necklace choice is meaningful given Meghan’s speech, where she reflected on the future for her own daughter and many young women around the world. But that’s not all. She also wore Princess Diana’s Cartier Tank Watch, a favorite accessory of Prince Harry’s late mother. Meghan was already a fan of the watch style before meeting the Duke, but it speaks volumes to see her include Diana when addressing such an important topic. Get a closer look at her outfit, ahead.