In the middle of hot, humid summer weather, it’s basically impossible to wear more than a lightweight layer, like a tank top or statement shirt, without breaking into a very uncool sweat. Even then, it’s a struggle. That’s why it’s best to fight sweaty stress by accessorizing up as you dress down, banking on swag-infused sunglasses or some shiny summer jewelry, like the pieces crafted by Canadian company Maple.

A plethora of lush accessories are on hand (no pun intended) for the hot season, including a slew of glistening gold accent pieces and plenty of .925 silver counterparts. One standout piece, the Duppy signet ring, is offered in either fabrication with a swirling abalone shell at its center. Its slick shape is a natural extension of the three weighty Psychotropic class rings’ own curves, all finished with “Psychotropic Eternal Now” text inset with a lab-made ruby, emerald, or sapphire, demonstrating the lawlessness inherent to manmade gems.

There’s a running theme epitomized by that “Psychotropic” verbiage, like the words that run around the silver “Eternal Now” band or the hippified feel of the “Peace” rings. Much of the collection gives off a whiff of psychedelia, in fact, including a series of richly-hued glass bead necklaces, no two alike, and a bandana-themed bangle and ring pair. Chunky cross-laden chains make for a more sober statement, though they’re not without their own unmistakable onyx, emerald, or pearlescent sheen.

Shop the entire summer jewelry lineup on Maple’s website and at the brand’s select global stockists.