Kim Kardashian Says These Skin-Care Products Are Her Saving Graces


While she might be going through a headline-making divorce, Kim Kardashian seems to be carrying on with life as stress-free as usual — that is, of course, according to social media. Head over to her Instagram and you’ll see a post about her family’s newest pet (Speed, the lizard), a glamour shot advertising Skims, and, in klassic Kardashian fashion, plenty of bikini-clad content. But in between all the unboxing of designer gifts and working out on her Stories, Kardashian recently shared a shot of her skin-care set-up, and it looks like quite the collection. (Related: The One Skincare Product Kim Kardashian Uses Every Single Day)

In a text caption on her photo (which was later reposted by @joanneczechofficial), Kardashian shared that the set-up was the result of a virtual consultation with her facialist Joanna Czech. “My favorite facialist in the world!” she wrote. “@joannaczechofficial and I discussing skin-care routines is my favorite thing to do these days! We do FaceTime consultations and she has helped my skin so much.” The photo reveals a “Daily Czechlist For Kim Kardashian,” presumably with instructions for Kardashian to follow in order to take care of her skin, an LED device, and a boatload of products from brands such as Biologique Recherche and Exquisite Face and Body.

As to what, exactly, has “helped [Kardashian’s] skin so much”? One of the products in the photo appears to be 111SKIN 3 Phase Anti Blemish Booster (Buy It, $135, An acne-fighting treatment, it contains salicylic acid, which helps clear pores of buildup that can contribute to breakouts, and sulfur, which helps to dry out pimples. (Related: KKW and Kourtney Kardashian Tried the Trendy and Totally Bizarre Hanacure Face Mask)

In addition to these breakout-banishing options featured in the snap, there’s also a pile of under-eye masks that look like they are Circcell Insight Collagen Eye Treatment Masks (Buy It, $90 for a pack of four, Designed to revive tired-looking eyes in 15 minutes flat, they contain collagen and hydrating sodium hyaluronate (a salt derived from hyaluronic acid) to hydrate and plump skin.

Taken together, all the products pictured would add up to a pretty penny, but there’s at least one relatively affordable pick included in Kardashian’s photo. If you look closely at the center of the photo, you’ll spot a black and white tube that resembles Doctor Rodgers Restore Healing Balm (Buy It, $30, Containing only moisturizing-masters castor oil and glycerin, it’s intended to protect damaged skin to promote healing. The multipurpose balm is intended for restoring everything from chapped lips to eczema to post-procedure skin. (Related: Everything Kim Kardashian Uses for Psoriasis That You Should (and Shouldn’t) Try, According to a Dermatologist)

In 2018, Kardashian shared her previous skin-care routine that would cost an estimated $4,500, according to People, and three years later it seems like she’s still working with a pricy and highly-involved routine. And if her seemingly always camera-ready complexion is any indication, it’s safe to say the reality TV star is getting a pretty good ROI (return on investment).

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