Kate Hudson Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

Kate Hudson Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

Kate Hudson’s roles have spanned pretty much every genre, from the cult classic 200 Cigarettes to the smash success of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. But no matter the role Hudson is playing, there’s one common denominator: her glowing skin. Sure, genetics are probably at play (her mom is Goldie Hawn, after all) but the actor credits her glow to her clean skin-care routine.

Hudson’s interest in clean beauty started 15 years ago–way before the category hit mainstream success–after meeting Juice Beauty founder Karen Behnke. “No one had ever told me what was in my products,” Hudson tells Glamour. “She just gave me the rundown. And then we went up to my room, and she literally threw everything out. She looked at everything. It was the first time I learned about parabens and all of the things that we don’t really want to be putting on our skin too often. Environmentally there’s a shift, and it’s contributing to certain illnesses and diseases. I decided, whatever I can control, I’m going to change the way that I approach it. And so skin care and makeup is number one.”

Flash forward to 2022, and Behnke and Hudson are not only still friends but collaborators. The two have just whipped up the Juice Beauty x Kate Hudson collection, which includes a pink clay mask plus a set of booster serums that can be used alone or to customize the mask. “Everything for me has always been about customizing my experience,” says Hudson. “I don’t just use one product. I use so many different products, and every day my skin is doing something different, whether it’s environmentally or hormonal.” 

In fact, Hudson’s beauty obsession has her rethinking her profession. “I try things all the time, I don’t know why I’m not a beauty blogger,” she continues. “I  love using different products, I also think our skin needs different things. One skin-care routine, I don’t buy into it. That’s why I’ve never done a line myself. I would get bored of it.” Instead, she has a supplement line, InBloom, to reflect her inside-out beauty philosophy.

Hudson realizes she isn’t perfect at keeping things completely clean, but she doesn’t mind saying that. “If I had to guess, for every 10 products I use that are clean, maybe one isn’t 100% clean. I don’t lie about things like that. Everything in moderation. My mission with business, and how I do things, is whatever is the cleanest and most sustainable for our planet, I’m either investing in it, or want to get behind it in some way and push it out there.”

So what is the actor actually using? Kate Hudson drops her routine, below.

My cleansers

My routine in the morning is easy. I don’t wash my face unless I had a night out that was a little more alcohol-heavy than I had hoped. I’ll use Egyptian Magic if I have any eye-makeup residue, anything that is sticky. But other than that, I don’t ever wash my face in the morning. I wash my face very thoroughly at night, and then I let my face oils actually hang out. I don’t want to strip my face too much.

At night I wash my face twice. I do an oil, the One Love Organics Beauty Oil Cleanser, and I do an exfoliant. For my exfoliant, I use the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser; it’s just my all-time favorite. Juice Beauty’s exfoliant is comparable, and really wonderful, and isn’t as fragrant. So I usually recommend that for people who have a hard time with fragrance, which is a lot of people. Tata’s fragrance is extreme and wonderful. But for the people who don’t do that kind of thing, the Juice Beauty would be my go-to. I also facial-steam at night, but I don’t steam every day. I don’t think that’s good for your skin. I steam maybe two, three times a week

One Love Organics Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover

$42.00, One Love Organics

Tata Harper Regenerating Exfoliating Cleanser

$44.00, Tata Harper

My serums

I’ve been using my Juice Beauty serums for a long time, since we started making our mask. I have perfected my favorite serums. I use a mix of all three, depending on where my skin is at.

I can’t believe that I’m in my 40s and still break out. So the Clarifying Serum was really important for me, and my son who also uses it. I’m going to take it as a good sign that I still get pimples, but it’s every month. If I had a ride-or-die serum, it would be this. I’ve been able to see the most helpful results from that one. It’s still hydrating too, so I can still get a good dewy feeling with it, and it does clean and clarify.

I have my Age Defying Serum, which is amazing and energizing and has a cooling feeling. That one has all the good stuff to perk up your skin, make it look a little younger. And then there’s the Hydrating Serum. I learned a lot when we made our hydrating formula, because we went back and forth to get that perfect texture.  I don’t like sticky serums. It also has really fun Co-Q10 balls that burst, and the way that they penetrate the skin is amazing.

Kate Hudson x Juice Beauty Revitalizing Cocktail Concentrates Kit

$85.00, Juice Beauty

My moisturizers

My favorite moisturizer changes all the time, and I love using different ones. My latest that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with is by a Spanish company called Ayuna. They’re a very small science-based brand. I’ve been using the Cream II, which is richer, and I absolutely love it. It’s right between a real heavy cream and a light cream. I use that morning and night right now. 

I’ve always used three Juice Beauty products on and off. One of which is the Juice Apple Moisturizer. Karen’s moisturizer is fantastic, and it’s great under makeup. I find that I can use that cream throughout the day, because it doesn’t ever clog my skin. If I need a little extra, I’ll put that cream on. Another one I really like is Symbion; they make a great cream. These are the three that I have been using the most lately.

Ayuna Cream II

$220.00, The Detox Market

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer

$50.00, Juice Beauty

My Mask

I formulated my mask so that I could use it at least three times a week. I love my masks so much, and I wanted one that I could customize, that I could make it heavier or something light. I find that when I’m working, I need masks more. I want to be able to apply it without having it be a once a week thing. If I’m on a set, my skin gets so tired, and it’s good to have something that can liven up your skin. So in that case, I would do a thinner version of my mask for three to five minutes.

Juice Beauty x Kate Hudson Revitalizing Acacia + Rose Powder Mask

$39.00, Juice Beauty

My face oil

After my mask and my serums in the morning, I do an oil serum. I really like the Biossance Rose and Vitamin C Oil. I love the smell. I love how it feels, and it really goes well with my serums. Layering things makes me happy when they work well together

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

$72.00, Biossance

My eye masks

I’ve been using Karen’s eye masks for years. She brought those to me when she first developed them, and I was like, “What are these?” They’re my favorite. If you really leave them on properly, and you get them to dry and you take them off, it really takes those puffs away.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift Algae Mask

$10.00, Juice Beauty

My retinol

Every other day I use my Juice Beauty Retinol Night Serum, which is my favorite one. It does exactly what I want for my skin. It doesn’t peel it. It doesn’t leave it feeling rough. It’s so good. The nights I use that are usually when I can tell my skin is going to start to break out, or it’s starting to feel a little more line-heavy than normal. Then I’ll use Karen’s overnight cream, those two go brilliantly together. And my trick is, let the retinol soak in. I have a hand fan, and I fan all my product. So I’ll put it on, and I’ll just let it soak in, and take my fan to it, and then I’ll put on my overnight cream.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Overnight Serum

$72.00, Juice Beauty

My overnight mask

Sometimes I’ll do an overnight mask from Omorovicza; they have a great Midnight Radiance Overnight Mask that’s pretty special. I use that when I’m feeling more dry or tired, and I don’t use anything like that when I’m doing the retinol.

Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask

$125.00, Nordstrom

My sunscreen

Part of my skin-care routine is always my SPF. I stay out of the sun. It’s hard for me—I love the sun—but I try to be good about that. Lately I usually use my makeup for sun protection. Ilia makes a really great tinted SPF 40. I love it. It’s super dewy. Sometimes it’s a little too dewy, and you have to put a little concealer on it, and it evens it all out. But I love it.

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation

$48.00, Ilia

My health and wellness

I splurge with my health products and vitamins. And my Higher Dose sauna blanket. To me, that’s a part of my skin-care routine. Sweating it out, what I’m supplementing, and what kind of collagens I’m taking.

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket V4

$599.00, Higher Dose

InBloom Beauty Aura

$55.00, InBloom

Bella Cacciatore is a beauty writer in New York. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_.

Originally Appeared on Glamour

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