How to Choose Muay Thai Shorts

How to Choose Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai has become one of the most practiced martial arts styles today. It is

Muay Thai has become one of the most practiced martial arts styles today. It is widely practiced both by professional and recreational martial artists around the world. Fashion has become a huge part of Muay Thai, with many artists trademarking several Muay Thai gear. Although uniforms aren’t forced in Muay Thai as in several other conventional eastern martial art styles, there are some notable aspects of Muay Thai fashion that have become a part of the art. The Prajiet (armbands) and Mongkhon (headband) are two of the most popular parts of the Muay Thai apparel. That being said, Muay Thai shorts are getting more relevance and notoriety both in and out of Thailand’s Muay Thai culture. Celebrities and martial art enthusiasts have adopted Muay Thai shorts for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Adopting the Muay Thai shorts into your wardrobe not only shows your passion for the art, but also comes in super handy on your weight loss journey. As the years roll by, top fashion, fitness, and combat sport brands have begun releasing their selection of Muay Thai shorts. Muay Thai artists and enthusiasts now have a wide selection to choose from. We will now look at important components of Muay Thai shorts that you need to consider.

How to select the best Muay thai short 

If you are searching for the perfect Muay Thai short to add to your collection, here are some things to look out for.

  1. Material There are typically 4 main types of fabrics; polyester blend, satin, cotton, and nylon. Traditionally, satin is considered the most acceptable fabric among Muay Thai artists. It’s smooth and silky, feels great on skin and is light for workout. Nylon shorts are considered to be more affordable. However, they tear easily and easily soak up moisture. Cotton fabric is more recently used in Muay thai art. Unfortunately they are not lightweight and they easily soak up moisture.
  2. Cutting One unique feature of Muay Thai shorts is its cutting design. Seeing as Muay Thai art involves a lot of kicking, the shorts usually are designed for support and mobility. Knee length shorts are particularly useful as they aid in easy kicking and movement. And so, when selecting the best short for Muay Thai, the shorts that offer the most level of freedom and leg room should be prioritized.
  3. Design 

Looking at a pair of Muay thai shorts, the most striking thing is its design. Muay Thai shorts at Suwit Muay Thai come in various designs thanks to the different fashion brands in the business. There are now several designs for fighters and weight loss enthusiasts to choose from. While aesthetics and style should not be the most important thing to look out for, you should also prioritize it. Nobody wants to wear shorts that do not match their style.

When next you’re in a Muay Thai training camp, pay attention to the kind of sportswear you decide to rock. You can visit top sport shops to select appropriate Muay Thai garments for your training camp.