How the Dieux Eye Mask Became the Pandemic’s Most Fun Skin Care Product

We’re 11 months into the pandemic and grooming routines have become a little flexible. Need a haircut? You don’t. Overslept? Throw on a hat for that Zoom. Hungover on a Friday? That camera is definitely staying off. 

But skin care hasn’t gotten any less important, even if your winter outings only consist of walking the dog and going to the grocery store. In fact, there’s maybe never been a time to improvise an at-home spa routine—your evening plans aren’t likely any crazier than an episode of Ted Lasso, so why not do something good for your skin at the same time? If that something can also become content on Instagram or TikTok, all the better.    

That dynamic, in short, is why Dieux Skin’s Forever Eye Mask has suddenly become the must-have socially-distanced skincare accessory since it was released last fall. These always-sold-out silicon mask strips are a simple concept—add a dab of your favorite eye serum or moisturizer, apply under your eyes, and see if you can resist snapping a selfie.  

It’s a lot like a sheet mask—but those typically go straight into the trash after one use. You can use the Dieux strips over and over, given that they’re made from extremely high-grade medical silicone. “It’s the quality where you can medically implant it and it’s not going to leak anything into your body,” says Dieux Skin CEO and co-founder Charlotte Palermino

Unlike a one-shot sheet mask, you can use them with your favorite serum or moisturizer, no matter what season it is or what point your quarantine sleep schedule is at. Perhaps something with caffeine if dark circles are forming or hyaluronic acid if dryness is your main concern. (If you’re unsure where to start on products, the team provides a list of their favorites to pair with the masks.) You can also add to the puff-fighting properties of the Dieux masks by storing them in their aluminum case in the freezer. 

Palermino and her co-founders, cosmetic chemist Joyce de Lemos and creative director Marta Freedman, say they’re committed to building a strong company the hard way. All of their products are vegan and cruelty free. They’re delivering admirable transparency around ingredients and pricing. There’s that anti-waste reusable angle. So maybe it’s that halo of virtue, and maybe it’s that green-ish blue color, but the bottom line they’ve created a brand that lots of people want to show off on their face—and that’s selling these things faster than they can make them.  

But also: the masks work. You’ll truly be Zoom ready if you’ve just removed them. But maybe just leave them on? They do look great on camera. 

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