Hoboken + Jersey City-Based Beauty Gurus You Need to Know: Part II

Whether you’re new to Hudson County or just in the market to upgrade your beauty regimen, it’s important to know who the experts are in our area. It’s only natural to want the best of the best in all things beauty, and because there are so many amazing local experts, Hoboken Girl has compiled yet another roundup of gurus for all your beauty needs. Read on for Part II of 12 beauty gurus you need to know, covering everything from spray tans to lashes.

Brows x Belle

Christelle Rahman is a brow specialist based in Bayonne. She performs brow shaping, waxing tinting brow lifts, or lamination, henna, and more. 

What are your services?

My studio offers an array of brow services including brow design, tinting, henna, and brow lamination. You can also add on facial waxing like lip, chin, & cheeks. Body services are underarms only. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

It’s not often you see WOC in the mainstream beauty industry. Back in the days, it was supermodels like Naomi Campbell that helped pave the way but now, it’s inspiring to see women like Jackie Aina or Pat McGrath constantly, not only showing black is beautiful, but is advocating for inclusivity in the beauty world. 

What are your future plans/goals?

It’s been 6 months since I started my brow studio and I’d love to find a commercial space that I can grow into by this Fall. I’m also enrolling in a permanent makeup school so I can start offering services like Microblading and Microshading (aka Ombré brows). This would help clients who do not have brow hairs but would desire a fuller, brow look.

suite tee owner jersey city

Tee Hundly was a celebrity manicurist and wax technician turned local beauty salon owner of Suite Tee in Jersey City. Now locals can get celeb-grade treatment in the little piece of paradise that is Suite Tee beauty studio. 

Who is your favorite celebrity you beautified?

One of my favorite opportunities was working with Kate Moss. She was so funny and sweet. It was like spending time with someone I knew. It’s always nice when you can relate to being moms of teens and hear some stories about your favorite rapper.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I can’t say I have one inspiration. I  am inspired and take energy from so many successful people. They range from business people I’ve read about, famous people I’ve met, people on TV, friends, and most of all the MANY amazing women owners here in town!

On the services she offers:

Suite Tee currently offers full body waxing, natural nail services, and spray tanning. The studio will soon be adding teeth whitening, vajacials, and V-Steaming.

glam body sugaring boutique

Monica is a licensed esthetician from Jersey City, and one of the only specialists currently offering body sugaring in the Hudson County area. After years of working with other hair removal methods such as waxing and laser hair removal, Monica found that body sugaring was the best. It is a more painless, affordable, and a much more glamorous option for hair removal.

What is Body Sugaring?

Body Sugaring has been around for centuries. It is an ancient Egyptian hair removal treatment that uses a combination of sugar, lemon, and water to remove hair without pulling at the skin. Compared to other hair removal techniques, it is cleaner, safer, gentler, and more unique.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Honestly, I don’t look for role models, I try every day to be one. I, myself, try my best to be inspirational to those around me and anyone I come in contact with. I think to myself, how can I be more positive? How can I be a better leader? How can I engage with people in a way that brightens their day? How can I bring good energy and uplift people? I strive for this daily. Who better to be inspired by, than the person you’re becoming?

What is your favorite thing about your job?

The most rewarding thing about my career is seeing the smile on my client’s faces when they’ve completed a beauty service. Whether it’s a Vajacial to brighten the area, a facial for the ultimate glow, or bomb new brows that frame their face beautifully, I’m always excited for their expression when they look in the mirror. I look forward to their reaction. Those reactions make my day because I know I’ve made their day just a bit brighter. These daily experiences keep me enthusiastic as my first day as an esthetician. 

Emily Jonas became hyper-aware of damage to the skin caused by the sun when she lived in Australia a few years back. She founded Girl on the Glow in an effort to make spray tanning available to everyone, at their doorstep, literally. 

What services do you offer? 

At-home custom spray tans that are certified vegan and naturally derived. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration is my dad! Always pushing me to be a strong woman, well-rounded, and business savvy. He has taught me to chase my dreams, start the business and fight through the lows because bad times are always followed by good times! Hello, 2021!!!

Future Goals/plans for the biz? 

Franchising Girl on the Glow! We have started expanding to different locations. We plan to open our newest locations in New Orleans, Houston, Austin, and Nashville in 2021. 

Best Beauty/tan tip? 

Stay out of the sun, wear SPF and get a spray tan! 

Juliette Collazo of Artist Makeup Academy Hoboken

juliette artist makeup academy

Juliette Collazo is the CEO of Artist Makeup Academy and specializes in Bridal Hair + Makeup. She’s a licensed cosmetologist and beauty educator and can teach you everything you need to know about hair and makeup.

What do you love about being a cosmetologist?

I’m obsessed with the power of makeup. Many don’t know but with a good skill level and knowledge, one can transform almost anything on the face. For example, if I want to make my nose look slimmer or wider I can do so. If I want more lashes, I can add them. If I feel like giving myself a facelift via makeup I can create that illusion.  

Future plans/goals for the Artist + Makeup Academy?

Future plans for AMA New Jersey include location expansion as well as after covid traveling across the country with POP UP style classes and certifications. COVID allowed us to open online education/ certifications which we will definitely continue as well. 

Best Beauty advice/tip?

The best tip is everyone should educate themselves on how to apply their makeup correctly because the same way makeup could make you look prettier, skinnier, and younger… if done incorrectly, it could age you, widen the appearance of features, or not make you look as attractive.

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blo it out lounge

Blo it Out Lounge was founded by BNR sisters Lorrie Centeno and Desiree Velez. The salon offers hair, makeup, eyelash, and spray tan services. 

What services do you offer? 

Blo-outs, hair cuts, Keratin smoothing treatment, color, makeup, bridal, and spray tans. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My grandmother.

Best hair advice/tip?

For nice curls always hold your curler iron horizontally.

lorraines house of styles

Lorriane Fred of Lorraine’s House of Styles in Hoboken opened her salon over 20 years ago. Her salon has been a favorite amongst locals and now offers solutions to all your beauty needs including hairstyling, color, brows and lashes. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Vidal Sassoon, a British hairstylist, businessman, and philanthropist is by far one of my inspirations. He was noted for re-popularising a simple, close-cut geometric hairstyle called the bob cut. Sassoon didn’t invent the idea of short hair for women, but he brought a range of short styles into the mainstream. He is best remembered for his “Mary Quant” cut, a geometric five-point bob. Sassoon cuts swept away classic femininity and added design into the hair. His looks got even shorter, such as the pixie crop. He made short hair sexy. 

Lorraine on some hair hot tips:

  • If your hair lacks volume, adding highlights can swell the cuticle, giving the appearance of more hair.
  • Using a mask before working out: The salt from your sweat can dry out your hair. If you apply a mask before your workout, the ingredients push moisture into your strands and seal it in before the salt has a chance to dry your hair out. The heat from your workout will allow the mask the work deeper, then all you have to do is rinse and go!
  • Blast out your dry shampoo: Using dry shampoo is a seemingly simple process. You take your hair, spray it in at the roots to soak up any grease and oil, and then you walk around with a totally refreshed look. But there is a little hot tip that will totally change the game. Everyone uses dry shampoo, but very few apply it properly. Apply thoroughly at the roots then blast out your dry shampoo with a dryer. Most people rub it into the hair and leave it, but you need to remove the product to get rid of excess dirt and oils.

Gisella Amaya

Gisella Amaya has worked her magic as a hairstylist and educator in top high-end salons throughout New York City and beyond. She specializes in modern, low-maintenance cuts and color, with a love for balayage. 

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

My biggest inspiration would be both of my parents. My mom has an eye for designing and my dad is a builder. The two of them inspire me visually, which is why I’m always creating. They taught me that no dream is too big. 

Best hair advice/tip:

I try to go 3-4 days without washing my hair so on day 4 I use a TON of dry shampoo and wear some hair clips or a headband to get an extra day of not having to wash and style my hair. Hair accessories in general are a great way to spice up your look when you’re bored of always wearing your hair down or in a bun. 

Who is your favorite celebrity you beautified?

My favorite celeb I have beautified would have to be Neve Campbell! Sunkissed brunette balayage is one of my favorite things to do because it’s subtle but still makes such a big statement.

Kimmy of Kimmy Nails has her own private studio in Hoboken where she specializes in Japanese gel, nail art, and apres extensions. If you want anything from intricate to bold, Kimmy can do it. 

Best nail advice/tips?

My best advice for nail tips is to treat each client as an individual in personality and nail condition. Women have different nail types. Some people have naturally thin nails while others have thick and strong nails. Everyone is different but I think it is important to have a healthy diet for good nail growth. I also recommend a maintenance routine including hand cream and cuticle oil to encourage the healthy growth of naturally beautiful nails.

What are your favorite nail art designs to do?

I love all the designs, so it is hard to pick my favorite. Normally neutral colors, minimalist designs with a perfect surface finish always look amazing.

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

For the first question, I think my biggest inspiration is how women feel after they get their beauty treatment. Instantly, everyone has a big smile and walks out of my studio beaming with confidence. Seeing my clients’ great reaction gives me great satisfaction so I got very interested in doing nails. Little extra touches and attention to detail make women feel pretty.

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Mark LoBiondo

Mark D. LoBiondo is the owner of Markddaniel Barbershop in Hoboken. Mark takes pride in what he and his stylists do for their clients. Mark and his team strive to consistently provide quality services in a warm, sociable, and unpretentious atmosphere. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration was my grandfather Eddie. He wasn’t a barber but he taught me a lot about life and being a man. 

Best hair advice/tips?

My best hair advice is to love the hair you were born with. Just be you. So many people want a hairstyle that doesn’t work well with their hair type or texture. They end up using way too much product to compensate. The best thing you can do is work with mother nature and work with your hair not against it. 

Favorite part about your job?

I love that I get to connect with so many different people every day from so many different walks of life. Some become clients for life and we go through the ups and downs of life together. Weddings and birthdays, funerals, and divorces. We are an intimate part of each other’s lives. It’s therapeutic and you leave work feeling satisfied each day.

lash gallery jersey city

Rochelle-R. E. Magno is the founder of The Lash Gallery with locations in New Jersey and NYC. Rochelle believes beauty and self-esteem go hand in hand, and her mission is to enhance both of these for her clients. 

What are your most popular services?

Right now, since COVID-19, the Lash Lift is the most popular service followed by our Diva lashes.

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

Boosting self-esteem is what inspires me. {Whether you are challenged with your health or lack of skills on beauty or simply prefer a professional to do it} The smile on their face as I add to their natural beauty, as they leave with more confidence more than ever is the ultimate inspiration.  It’s about making them feel good. 

Who is your favorite celebrity you beautified?

Angela Yee, radio personality from Power 105.1. I’ve been servicing her since 2012. Has been a long-time client and have watched my journey and growth. 

Gabriela Genic {Certified Makeup/SFX Artist}

 Gabriela Genic

Gabriela Genic is an Artist Makeup Academy instructor in Hoboken, and a certified makeup/SFX artist. Her specialty is SFX aka Special Effects Makeup, so she is a go-to when Halloween rolls around.

Favorite SFX makeover you ever did?

My favorite SFX makeover has to definitely be the barbed wire look I created on one of my close friends Dev! I needed to create a last-minute SFX look and my mind went completely blank. I was definitely an artist’s block but having Dev as a model is an amazing thing because he definitely helps with inspiration and pushes you to keep going. Overall, I enjoyed creating that look and loved the process and creativity between the both of us that went into it! 

What are your goals/plans for the future?

Some of my goals/plans are definitely to push myself and start going into more of the movie world as well. One of my biggest goals is to attend Tom Savini SFX School to expand my artistry and just keep moving up from there! On top of the SFX, also expanding my makeup artistry as well, starting my own business glam team with my partner, Leilani.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

When it comes to inspiration I get it from everywhere! I love Tom Savini’s work, and I was always a huge fan. Also, the movie Hellraiser is what made me want to get into SFX so I take a lot of my inspiration from that too! Mostly take inspiration from people I surround myself with as well. I’m an instructor at Artist Makeup Academy and they have definitely helped in pushing me to constantly better myself and keep up with my creativity and also surrounding myself with amazing friends that will sit in and just let me create!


Written by: Alexis Spoden

Alexis moved to Hoboken after she graduated college in 2015 and fell in love with the area right away. She currently lives in Jersey City with her boyfriend, Ewan, and works in New York City as a fashion buyer by day and an aspiring entrepreneur by night. In her spare time, when she is not exploring the new, trendy spots around town, you will find her working out at one of her favorite local classes, singing along to the soundtrack of Wicked, or creating macrame wall art and home decor that she sells on Etsy.

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