Here’s the hilarious story of Ed Orgeron crashing Sean McVay’s wedding

Sean McVay got married over the summer, and his guest list was a who’s who

Sean McVay got married over the summer, and his guest list was a who’s who of football faces. Kyle Shanahan and Matt LaFleur were there, as were Al Michaels and Jay Glazer. Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp, Matthew Stafford and Andrew Whitworth attended, too.

It turns out, former LSU coach Ed Orgeron was also there. Only, he didn’t get an invite. He crashed the party, and it sounds like he was the life of it.

On the “Pardon My Take” podcast, Peter Schrager shared the story of Orgeron crashing McVay’s wedding and it’s hilarious.

“Saturday afternoon, we’re at the pool, it’s all these NFL coaches,” Schrager said. “LaFleur is there, all these guys. Jay Gruden comes by. Everything’s great. Eddie O is there, shirtless, looking like a million bucks, just glistening in all his glory. And I’m like, ‘I didn’t know Sean had anything to do with Eddie O.’ He’s taking photos with everyone at the pool, and everyone wants to take a photo with Eddie O.

“Later on, McVay pulls me aside and is like, ‘How about Eddie O being at the pool?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, when were you–.’ He’s like, ‘Never met him before.’”

Schrager continued: “Coincidentally, Eddie O at the pool, just mixing it (up). Not invited to the wedding, but in the mix and having a blast, drinking with everybody. Was the coolest guy at the pool. Was not invited to the wedding, not there at night, no connection to McVay. Eddie O, LA, poolside, just living the best life.”

So it sounds like Orgeron was at some sort of pre-wedding party at the pool and didn’t attend the actual celebration later that night, but the fact that he even showed up at all to hang out with other coaches is hilarious.

Orgeron wasn’t the only wedding crasher that day, of course. Odell Beckham Jr. also showed up, which McVay loved.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire