Hairstyle Trends From 2009 That Need to Come Back

Hairstyle Trends From 2009 That Need to Come Back

2000 to 2009 was a confusing time for fashion. The early aughts were a breeding ground for clashing styles, perfectly gaudy accessories, and yes, babydoll dresses paired with denim flares. Between shifts in subculture and celebrity endorsements, hairstyles were all over the place. Read on for some of the most notable hairstyle trends from 2009!

Super Long, Super Layered

Long layered hair never truly goes out of style, but this era gave us clip-in extensions, meaning everyone was rocking long, luscious locks. Clip-ins had been around for awhile, but in the 2000s we saw a mainstream commercial boom of these hair enhancers. From red carpets to everyday wear, it seemed everyone owned a halo, clip-in pony, or a few brightly colored strips that they could pop in any time.

Paris Hilton hairstyle trends from 2009 | Mane Addicts
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Half-Up Half-Down Braided Styles

The half-up half-down with mini-braid crown found their way into everyone’s style arsenal. A quick way to “dress up” any look, mini-braid crowns were something easy to add to your do to make you feel a bit “fancier.” These little twisted braid crowns grew in such popularity to the point that braided hair headbands became available at most beauty supply shops and drugstores. Lauren Conrad was arguably the queen of this 2009 hairstyle trend.

Lauren Conrad w hairstyle trends from 2009 | Mane Addicts
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Long and Wavy With Bohemian Headbands

The late 2000s really had a thing for headbands, specifically those skinnier, bohemian (sometimes braided) headbands that gave us all mushroom hair. Hair accessories in general were on the rise in 2009, but the “boho headband” reigned queen of the hair accessory arena. Maybe some things do go out of style, Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift wearing her iconic bohemian headband with long, luscious waves in 2009 | Mane Addicts
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The Pouf

The pouf found popularity around 2006 but definitely hung on as a hairstyle trend through 2009 (and beyond). Like a cross between the bump and the beehive, this larger-than-life hairdo was all over the red carpet—and the Jersey shore.

The "Pouf" was a popular style of 2009. Beyonce was a frequent wearer of this look on red carpets and events | Mane Addicts
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The Choppy, Chunky Wash n’ Go

This super-texturized, slightly longer pixie found a resurgence on the runway, in film and on the streets. 2009 was a very texture heavy time, so seeing a super choppy cut like this was no surprise. Sadly, this unique crop lost it’s way for awhile, becoming too stacked in the back and way too long in the front (a la The Karen).

Victoria Beckham made waves when chopping her classic bob into the popular super texturized, wash n' go pixie of 2009 | Mane Addicts
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