From Yeezy to Ratso: this week’s fashion trends | Fashion

Going up

Bronx chic Our 21 June look will be based on Ratso’s white suit from Midnight Cowboy. Cool but creased.

OOH Out of home. The new OOO (out of office). It’s time to leave the house for more than just a supermarket run.

Yeaser That’s Yeezy + teaser. Kanye’s Gap collaboration is mostly in the rumour stage, but we’re already excited.

Head shot of Kaia Gerber modelling for Chanel, October 2019
Short stories. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Little bob Salons are open – but for how long? Our advice? Get a short bob, à la Glenn Close for Interview or Kaia Gerber for Chanel.

Kintsugi baking Kintsugi is the art of fixing broken pots, and a celebration of imperfection. This is that, but with collapsed cakes. Our kind of lockdown baking.

Going down

Notes app Handwritten notes are back in – just ask Beyoncé.

Blanket-scarves Disgraced US governor Andrew Cuomo wearing a blanket as a coat suggests we’ve come a long way from Lenny Kravitz’s comically oversized scarf.

C’est chic! The internet’s adjective of the moment is “opulent” thanks to GQ’s Rachel Tashjian’s fashion substack, Opulent Tips.

Buttons Take your cue from Jacquemus, the king of summer dressing, and button your shirt only halfway. It’s all very vaxxie.

Close up of four buttons against white background
On the button. Photograph: Getty Images/Glowimages RF

Revenge travel Newish term for going on holiday after not being able to for some time. Presumably exacting revenge on… the virus?

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