From Aubrey Plaza’s swimsuit to bottled rainwater: this week’s fashion trends | Fashion

Going up

Aubrey Plaza’s swimsuit Specifically in Black Bear. Grownup Baywatch.

Cher Specifically, red-carpet Cher between 1970 and 1976, the inspiration behind Zendaya at the Oscars and Dua Lipa at the Grammys.

Arthur Parkinson The Kew-trained king of the small-space garden and heir apparent to Monty Don.

Arthur Parkinson
Arthur Parkinson: the new Monty. Photograph: courtesy of Arthur Parkinson

Tennis off-whites Wimbledon is back on. Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz plays six hours a day. And Adidas has a line of cream-coloured tennis gear.

Matissing T-shirts “collaged” together from other T-shirts is very Matisse, very sustainable and very easy to DIY. See Colville and MSCHF.

Going down

Dugout chic No more José Mourinho at Tottenham means no more pitchside cashmere scarves and navy knits.

British rain
It’s a shower

Bottled rainwater A travel company is selling UK rainwater in a plastic bottle to expats in a bid to combat homesickness. For shame.

We’re back, baby The latest phrase set to jump the shark, thanks to too many venues using it on ads.

Craft lager Trying to drink less? Shandy, rebranded as a low-ABV hard seltzer, is long due a revival.

Corporate resentment Term for a creeping bad feeling between workers returning to the office after very different lockdown experiences.

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