Costco wedding costs couple $800, goes viral on Facebook

This wholesale wedding banquet was a feast for the eyes — and easy on the

This wholesale wedding banquet was a feast for the eyes — and easy on the wallet. 

A couple in Taiwan catered their idyllic outdoor reception with a budget buffet composed solely of wares and food purchased from Costco, spending well under $1,000, Taiwan News reported

The smorgasbörd, served outdoors in a lush, park-like atmosphere, featured baskets brimming with crostini, croissant sandwiches cutely wrapped and filled with ham, cheese and cucumber, a medley of grapes and tomatoes scattered for edible decor, plus fountains of sweet raspberry tea and lemonade. There was also a petite — but pretty — vanilla frosted wedding cake, simply and effectively adorned with rosemary. 

The Pinterest-perfect spread was accessibly priced at $787, a steal at a time when the average wedding costs a cool $28,000, according to the latest statistics from wedding website the Knot.

The couple laid out a Pinterest-perfect feast composed of crostini, croissant sandwiches, fruit and a vanilla cake topped with rosemary.

The savvy bride posted photos of the event to Facebook, pointing out how she brought the spread to life cheaply using everyday items such as bottles, jars and metal pails to serve up appetizing bites like cakes, cookies and brownies. Her post snagged more than 40,000 likes. 

“Y’all did such an amazing job,” one commenter wrote on Facebook. 

While many people relish the wholesale store’s concession-stand eats, like the famously affordable $1.50 hot-dog-and-soda combo, brides around the world are pulling off their big day by getting everything from wedding cakes to floral arrangements from the wallet-friendly store. 

The big-box retailer also leaned into jewelry sales pre-pandemic, famously selling a $40,000 Tiffany engagement ring in 2019.