Brooke Shields Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

Brooke Shields Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

The snow is falling outside Brooke Shields’s home in the Hamptons when the actor-model-entrepreneur calls me on a recent weekday afternoon. She’s wondering how she’s going to get back to the city but, at the same time, seems to be enjoying the chance to sit still and take in the beauty of her surroundings.

Acknowledging that privilege is something Shields wants to focus more on, whether it’s career opportunities or her body. Although she’s been in the public eye since her teen years, the 56-year-old is more excited than ever about the year ahead. 

The reason? Beginning Is Now, a global gathering place for women looking for their second, third, fourth, or even fifth act in life, that Shields launched last year. “So many women that I know are pivoting in the most unbelievable way—starting careers, starting businesses, quitting their job, or just learning skills,” she tells Glamour. “They’ve had families, they’ve had their jobs, and they sort of say, ‘Okay, what’s next?’” Shields calls it a 360-degree well-being brand, with well-being as the destination and wellness as the path to get there.

That’s why it was also a no-brainer for the married mom of two to join forces with revered clean skin-care brand True Botanicals as their newest spokesperson. While teenage Brooke was obsessed with makeup and skin care (“My mom worked at the makeup counter at a department store, so I became so interested in everything from eye creams to masks to facials,” she says), she also learned that a simple but consistent routine is best. 

“We don’t really think of our skin as an organ, but it is the largest organ of the body,” she says. “So as I got older, I started enjoying the ritual or the idea that it’s not a chore to take care of your skin…it’s a privilege. It doesn’t have to be 20 minutes. It can be seven minutes.”

And thanks to a combination of professional treatments and tried-and-true products, she’s learned what works to keep her skin looking its best, while also embracing the privilege that it is to age. 

So, for Glamour‘s latest Drop the Routine, the star of the recent Netflix Christmas movie A Castle for Christmas fills us in on the doctors she visits and the products always on her vanity. 

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My treatments

I go to Dr. Liz Hale for sun damage and sun spots, such as Fraxel. I primarily go to Dr. Macrene Alexiades for treatments, such as peels and the Genesis treatment. I just don’t want a lot of pain or downtime. Macrene has a really, really, really powerful laser treatment that is removing a tattoo that I have. But I don’t wanna change the shape of my face; I just want the quality of my skin to be optimal. I have lines around my mouth, but if I touch them up, I won’t look like myself.

My cleanser

True Botanicals Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm, which dissolves everything. You don’t have to use any soap. I mainly cleanse just at night. In the morning I’ll just throw water on my face and maybe do a face mask if I have time. 

My vitamin C

We all have sun spots or age spots, so I started using the True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster, which is a powder. I’ll put a concentrated amount, like a little paste, and at night I’ll put it on the dark spots. Over time it lightens up. It stays potent until the last minute. When it’s a liquid, it loses its potency. 

My moisturizing cream

True Botanicals Chebula Extreme Cream, which just launched earlier this year. There’s no wax in it. There’s no petroleum, but it has the richness. It smells so good. It really does help with the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and dehydrated skin. 

My serum

Chebula Active Serum from True Botanicals. I mix it with the vitamin C booster, which dissolves nicely into the serum. You can put it in oils too, but I like putting it on as one of the first steps in my skin-care routine. 

My face oil

True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil. I was always afraid of oil and that it was gonna be greasy. But what I love is that my skin absorbs it immediately and then feels more moisturized. 

My eye cream

I love the True Botanicals Radiance Eye Cream. The eye cream is so rich; that’s what I use every morning. I warm it up first with my fingertips, and sometimes I’ll take a tool I keep in the freezer and roll it around the eye area to help absorb the eye cream. The coolness of the tools, plus the cream really helps with the fine lines around my eyes. I also put it on right when I get on an airplane, and it helps take down any puffiness I get. 

My lip balm

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I get the original berry one. It’s so good and moisturizing. 

My face mist

Tata Harper Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Floral Essence. This brand was one of the first to be really clean beauty. And the mist is like a wake-up call for your face. Plus, the packaging is so pretty…those glass bottles. 

My hand/body cream

During COVID I started using products from Long Island Livestock Company. They have this Shepherdess Body Butter in Honey Almond and it’s so thick, and pure lanolin. I was washing my hands and sanitizing so much that my skin got so cracked, but then I started using this every day and it just saved my skin. I put it on when I go to bed, sometimes using those little white museum gloves. I look like a crazy person. [Laughs.] I’m sure my husband will divorce me, but, you know, my hands will be nice. 

My sunscreen

I just started using Supergoop! Glow Screen SPF 40. It’s really glowy. 

My lash serum

GrandeLash Enhancing Serum on my eyelashes and they make them grow. They really are a lovely company. 

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